Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why I am supporting O'Bama's deficit reduction position

As a child advocate I am a bit sensitive to liars or those who make promises knowing they will never be kept. I have seen the emotional damage done to children. A lie is still a lie though regardless of speaker or context. Thus, I have not be a fan of O'Bama regardless of policy. But when credit is due and deserved I offer it objectively.

While it may not be a popular position to take at this time O'Bama's position on the sequestration and spending cuts set to begin on 01 March 2013 is the correct one. Europe has provided a clear demonstration of how runaway spending, entitlements and government sponsored sick-care programs affects economies.

Families and businesses in a free market [that's conceptual only as it does not exist] would have to exist within their means. Some of us already choose to do this. Government should be the same. That is why O'Bama should be supported when he says that raising the debt ceiling is a failure of leadership. These “leaders” who acquiesce a rise in the debt limit should not be re-elected.

The spending cuts will take place on 01 March but need to be much deeper. O'Bama has taken the correct position in declaring that he will veto any attempt to avoid the automatic spending cuts. Congress will not be able to reach consensus on a plan that will have enough support for a veto over-ride.

The spending cuts are coming. It's about time and it will have a negligible adverse immediate financial impact while it will provide a greater long-term benefit.

Now if the military budget can be reduced by 82% to the level needed for sufficient defense then we'll be a more prosperous and safer country.

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