Monday, June 4, 2018

Boone County Prosecutor Todd Meyer ends his political career

What has happened to Boone County Prosecutor Todd Meyer since the 2018 primary election?

Although still the office holder, Meyer, who did not seek the nomination of the party for a fifth term as elected prosecutor, instead made a failed attempt to be the party’s nominee for Boone Circuit Court judge. Meyer was beat by Lori Schein in the 08 May primary. Tamie Morog also ran.

In 2002 Todd Meyer was ushered into office as a first term prosecutor for Boone County, Indiana. Since that time he has run unopposed for the office. In the 2010 primary while running unopposed he received 6274 votes. By contrast, total votes cast for sheriff’s office was 7714. Certainly some people saw no point in voting for an unopposed candidate. However, there has been a clear and growing contingent of citizens who oppose Meyer’s re-election. 2018 brought about Meyer’s foray into seeking higher office when a former chief deputy of his, Jeff Edens, retired as a one-term Boone Circuit Court judge.

Two others joined the race after Meyer. Both had dedicated campaign websites and reached out to the community. I was unable to find a dedicated site for Meyer but he did command a substantial newspaper presence and also appeared to be heavily favoured by owners of vacant commercial properties, some who live out of state.

Following the primary election I wrote about how voters can eject career politicians in Voters in Boone County Indiana choose to oust long-term officer holder. There I stated,
“Meyer was ejected from the next term of public office and, I think likely from future political office, because he lacks integrity. His interests are selfish.

I initially met him in 2003 and my first impression was that he was like the unskilled son who inherited the CEO position when daddy retired or died and is only able to put on the face of running the show because of the strength of those under him.

I felt that he was still on the tit. That he lacked the competence and fortitude to best serve the residents of Boone County. He is someone who gets upset, takes his toys and runs home to mommy for comfort. “

In the four weeks since the election Meyer has been noticeably absent from the prosecutor role. The people at the courthouse who usually keep me in-the-loop on these matters confirm his absence but in an unusually hushed tone as though something major has occurred. So now I suspect that Toddy gut upset that he wasn’t handed the position of judge as he had been prosecutor so he threw a tantrum, took his toys, and ran home to mommy.

But I could be in error.

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