Friday, August 28, 2020

Riding a bicycle on the road, police officer ignorance and arrogance, and our respect for the law


Any person who performs a job should be competent in his or her respective field. When it comes to armed law enforcement officers interacting with an oftentimes illicit or unsupportive public their competence takes on the level of life and death severity. It is for this reason that we must demand a higher level of competence than we would for a sales clerk or school instructor. Clearly it should be closer to that of a brain surgeon.

Maintaining the rule of law does not just require competence on the part of the law enforcement officers. Fundamental to such is also respect. Respect by the officers towards the public and reciprocated respect by the public.

I intentionally say that the public has a duty to reciprocate the respect because I contend that the burden first lies with law enforcement to be respectful to the public. The members of the public are the class upon which rules are imposed. As such, law enforcement can demand compliance with the law but they must earn the respect. Paramount to earning the respect, law enforcement officers must appreciate that they may be burdening the people with whom they are engaged. They may be trying to impose a stricture which goes against a fundamental nature or base emotional response. Therefore, they should attempt such in the least burdensome way but must be correct that their imposition is lawful.

I have been on all sides of the law. I have written them. I have been in court defending people accused of crimes. I have given statements or evidence to help convict people accused of crimes. I wrote the appeal brief which was the basis for the case law that gives people the right to free legal counsel in certain civil cases, I have been in prison and jail numerous times, and I have been in the police car prodding an officer to make a traffic stop. I even saw four officers around the entrance to a building cellar, hands on guns or drawn, thinking a suspect was in the building. I knew the layout of the building and could navigate it in the dark so I was the one who went in. The suspect was not in the building.

There is a standard that I have told my law enforcement friends. That is, don’t cut me any slack. Enforce the law against me no more but no less than you would anyone else. Likewise, if I see you do wrong I will not hesitate to report that. To do anything else would be unethical.

Yesterday I had an encounter with a police officer that so offended my very nature that I will not rest until he is removed. I am still experiencing somewhat of a Twilight Zone effect. Did this really happen?

The facts of this Probable Cause Affidavit detail the circumstances of the encounter. Please read that before continuing.

In my letter to the United States Attorney I said, “We are at a critical juncture in American culture where civility and the rule of law are tenable and in jeopardy. In the Spring of this year vast portions of the American populace were deprived of their rights to access to the courts.[I wrote about that HERE] Since then and currently law enforcement agencies are under heightened scrutiny. Police agencies are in critical need of civilian support and confidence.”

I can’t recall anytime in my life when I have seen such contempt for law enforcement. Although I didn’t live through the sixties some pop culture portrayals seem to convey a great disdain for authority generally and law enforcement officers particularly. However, I think some of that may have been artistic license used for dramatic effect.

I further stated, “This officer, through his ignorance and arrogance put the LIVES of all law enforcement officers AT RISK.”

I arrive at that conclusion based upon the perceptions that people develop when they see an officer overstepping his authority by trying to enforce a non-existent law. Plus, being disrespectful. When police are seen as “making it up as they go along” or, as we say in the legal community, acting arbitrarily and with caprice then there can be no sense that the officer is acting for the benefit of society. He is rogue.

I further stated, “There can be no acceptance of this type of behaviour as it erodes confidence in the police agency, police officers in general, and the rule of law. This type of behaviour does nothing but escalate the “us” and “them” perception and the destruction which follows.”

Psychologically when people organize themselves into “in” and “out” groups mistrust, tension, and violence can occur. If the public at-large cannot trust that a law enforcement officer knows the law, will enforce the law uniformly, and will treat them with respect then they cannot have respect for the law. They may then be unwilling to obey any officer’s commands. The tension between officers and civilians may escalate and possibly turn violent. That cannot be good for anyone involved.

My confidence in law enforcement was shaken yesterday. However, I have great relationships with current and former law enforcement officers. Tomorrow I will be just as apt to jump in and help any officer being attacked as I would have two days ago, which is likely without hesitation. I know it could jeopardize my life but I also know I would do it. I would never want to assist an officer in subduing a person who may be fighting for his rights though. That is why it is incumbent upon all police officers to ensure that they are correct about the law and to clean their own house when they find officers acting wantonly or capriciously. Too many lives are at stake to do otherwise.

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Friday, August 21, 2020

Avoiding foreclosure, eviction or bankruptcy while profiting from those

This year I have been giving greater attention to macro economic trends. I have observed a sharp change in the way people distribute their money which has a readily predictable outcome. Additionally, it will produce a marked contrast in asset distribution. People are choosing to no longer support an unskilled workforce. Society in large part has ceased to patronize businesses that regularly use a cleaning service, they are making purchases using technology rather than sales clerks and they have dramatically reduced patronage of restaurants which largely support an unskilled workforce. That workforce is going to be severely impacted and that acute impact will have a broader reverberation throughout the larger economy over the next few years. But there is a way in which you can protect yourself.

Contrary to the doom and gloom scenario I have briefly composed this economic shift will provide great opportunities to increase richness and will be of general benefit to society as a whole. Following a dramatic shift in monies and assets, wealth will increase for all a few years from now.

The orchestration of this economic capitulation is made possible through a collaboration of government, super corporations and the media.

The triggering event to this impending shift is moratoriums or deferments on various financial obligations such as payments on installment debt satisfaction schedules, and prohibitions on evictions or foreclosures. These, of course, do not unburden the obligor from the underlying debt. As these temporary deferments -- which were set to last about 1/3 of the way into the greatest level of permanent job elimination -- expire many of the debtors will not have set aside the withheld money and their payments will lapse. That is when repossessions, evictions, foreclosures and bankruptcy filings will substantially increase.

Not only will out-of-work home buyers lose their homes to foreclosure but so will investors who relied upon rental income from out-of-work tenants to make their mortgage payments on those investment properties. Median home prices and rents are already declining in numerous major metropolitan areas. The sudden liquidation of properties into this existing decline will greatly exacerbate the problem. But it will provide fantastic buying opportunities. Opportunities that won’t arrive until the flood of properties to hit the market arrives as orchestrated.

As people lose their jobs and payments come due they will restrict spending. This will reduce employment opportunities. If they lose their homes they will most likely move in to an existing occupied home. That sharing of home space also reduces spending. The property owners who lose the rental income and are able to continue to make the mortgage payments will have to cut spending elsewhere. Those who can’t make the payments will have those houses enter the market through foreclosure sales also. These effects will build upon each other. This is why the 2008 financial downturn wasn’t severely felt until mid-2009. This time I think the real estate market will be harder hit. I think the impact on commercial properties will be more severe this time.

In 2009 people simply reduced spending overall and that contraction was spread across the entire business sector. However, this time consumers are deliberately tartgetting brick and mortar commercial enterprises on which to reduce their spending. The bright spot for retail consumer spending is store liquidation sales which are in or headed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy [reorganization] or Chapter 7 bankruptcy [liquidation]. These sales will also exacerbate the problem. When consumers can buy products at a 50-80% discount through a liquidation then they don’t buy at full price from a retailer who isn’t facing current financial pressures. The limited dollars that consumers will have -- as government payments abate and payment moratoriums are lifted while unumployment remains steadily high -- won’t be spent at currently strong retailers. A secondary wave of brick and mortar bankruptcies will follow because of this dynamic. Those are the businesses that greatly support the urban commercial real estate market. These businesses will later be liquidated through bankruptcy and more jobs will go along with them.

All of this culminates in asset building opportunities for everyone. Those who have been evicted from their homes through nonpayment of rent or through foreclosure will likely be able to find new accommodations by sharing with others in the abode and for expenses. They also get to buy goods at highly reduced prices. This deflationary period provides opportunities for both families sharing a residence to save money and build upon their cash reserves.

The flood of real estate set to hit the market rapidly will push prices lower than had the evictions, foreclosures and bankruptcies been allowed to occur naturally as there would have been fewer and they would have spread across a greater span of time. Those people holding cash will be able to buy homes, multi-family housing or commercial real estate at greatly reduced prices, especially in urban areas.

The availability of homes for purchase and lower residential and commercial rental prices will result in a windfall to all buyers and renters. Additional savings will come through a greater reliance on shared housing and shared living expenses. Travel expenses have been reduced and will likely remain so.

As people adjust to a more frugal [and incidentally healthier] form of living their richness will increase as should asset appreciation. This economic downturn is a wonderful opportunity for all. Those who are disciplined enough to take advantage of them will reap the rewards.

To not be adversely impacted by this economic contraction one should always follow my long standing advice of keeping the cost of two years worth of necessary living expenses held in cash before making discretionary purchases. That is, once you have saved enough cash to provide for your survival for two years then it is acceptable to spend money on goods or services not necessary for survival. Such expenses as eating at restaurants, various forms of psychotropic drug use [alcohol, tobacco, coffee etc], fashion clothing, decorative items, amusements, or a new rather than used automobile should be deferred until this cash reserve is fully funded.

. In closing, I provide the very simple advice on how to avoid foreclosure that I was providing to people just over 10 years ago. Pay cash.

In a broader sense, do not take on debt or financial obligations for which you do not have the cash or liquid assets to fulfill.

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Calculating your risk of death from the SARS CoV-2 virus

Are you making a rational judgment regarding your risk of death from the SARS CoV-2 virus? Read on to find out.

The first thing that you should understand is what I knew back in March after comparing current information about the SARS CoV-2 virus to my knowledge of other viruses. That is when I contacted the Indiana Department of Health and offered to be infected with the SARS CoV-2 virus so I could be quarantined and the effects on me be observed in a controlled environment.[fn1] What I knew at that time was that the SARS CoV-2 virus is not deadly.

If a human being receives a threshold concentration of the Marburg Virus then death occurs 88% of the time. Thus, it is deadly. Likewise there are venoms, bacterias and other viruses that when, across demographic lines, humans receive a common threshold level that death is nearly assured. Those are also considered deadly. Contrarily there are people who have received a concentration of the SARS CoV-2 virion far exceeding the threshold of some people who have died but did not develop the Coronavirus Disease 2019 [CoViD-19]. If the SARS CoV-2 virus was deadly then there would be a common exposure level that resulted in near certain death. That there are people who receive a higher than common SARS CoV-2 virion exposure and remain asymptomatic while some who have a low exposure die clearly demonstrates that it is not deadly. Yet people are said to die from it.

So how is it said that people are dying from CoViD-19?

The vast majority of people who have died while CoViD-19 is active within them have a comorbidity. That is, the person has an existing physiological condition that renders them to have a greater susceptibility to adverse outcomes from a viral infection. If a person dies while CoViD-19 is active within them then the death is classified as death by CoViD-19.

The comorbidity is the key to determining risk of death and why I am unconcerned about the SARS CoV-2 virus. Let me explain the comorbidity by analogy. Take a person who lacks the enzyme thrombin which leads to the production of clotting in the blood. This person falls while walking through the desert and gets a gash in his arm. I would wrap my arm with duct tape and remove it in a few hours after sufficient clotting, then clean and cover later using gauze and medical tape. Some people would go to the ER and get stitches. Our hypothetical vagabond however marches across the desert leaving a trail of blood. As the brain of our wanderer is deprived of oxygen he becomes disoriented. As he wanders aimlessly through the hot desert he collapses. Eventually he dies lying on the desert floor. He was severely dehydrated, had a gash which finally quit bleeding, and had lost a significant amount of blood.

So what killed him?

If he had sufficient oxygen to his brain to keep him oriented and able to get to aid before becoming dehydrated he would have lived. If he hadn’t fallen and received the gash then he wouldn’t have bled and would have made it out of the desert before becoming dehydrated and would have lived. If his blood would have clotted then he would have had sufficient oxygen to his brain and he would have stayed his course and gotten out of the desert alive. Did Hemophilia, the cut, or dehydration kill him?

So having the condition of hemophilia didn’t kill him because he had lived with it unscathed as many people do. The cut wasn’t enough to be deadly to a person as many have received a similar cut and, although untreated, recovered. He wasn’t deprived of enough oxygen to kill him. Having a declining level of water in the body wasn’t enough to kill him during the time he planned to be there. Many people have dehydrated to that point and survived. So what killed him?

The acute act was the gash which was complicated by hemophilia which produced the complication of disorientation which produced the complication of dehydration due to extended time under the sun. That is how CoViD-19 supposedly kills people. Due to some complication that an infected person presents, the SARS CoV-2 reaches the disease state of CoViD-19. If the person dies during the active state then the acute condition gets the blame. Thus, the ailing or weakened person died from CoViD-19.

So why would I seek to intentionally be infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus?

I have been through training seminars related to previous strains of influenza virus. I have studied the indications of various viruses and treatment protocols over the years. Most important though is that I have total wellness. I am often examined or treated as a participant in physiological or psychological research investigations as a healthy subject. My last medical treatment was a surgery in 1991 which was the final follow-up to an initial surgery in 1989 following being struck by a truck. At age 51 I have no diagnosed adverse mental or physical conditions nor do I express any symptoms related to such. A week ago a blood draw was done and my vitals were taken. My blood pressure was alarmingly high at 138/84 but my pulse was only slightly above expectation at 49. Overall, I am quite healthy.

I knew that exposure to the SARS CoV-2 virus would not harm me. It would be another way that I could serve the greater good by continuing to be a healthy test subject. Additionally, I get the added benefit of adding another virus exposure to my immunity system. Finally, it would provide to me more information about my body.

So what is the statistical probability that someone of my demographic would have died by now?

Slightly over 1 in 60 Americans have contracted the virus. Of those 3% have died [1 in 2000]. People age 51 comprise 1.25% of the population but only 0.5% of the deaths. Thus, of all cases death occurred at a rate of about two-fifths of the average for people age 51 [1 in 4,700]. Of those 3 in 10 had no comorbidity [1 in 14,100]. Based on those numbers there is a statistical probability that 1 in 14,100 people in the United States age 51 who have no comorbidity [this is my demographic] will have died proximal to contracting the SARS CoV-2 virus during the six months it has spread.

The virulence of the SARS CoV-2 virus is highly age dependent and comorbidity also is a major contributor. Someone age 30 regardless of comorbidity has had a death probability of 1 in 38, 200. For someone age 20 the likelihood is closer to 1 in 250,000. The following table shows age brackets followed by percent of CoViD-19 deaths, population in millions, total number of deaths, and concluding with rate of death for the total population. [fn2]

Age Percent Population Deaths Rate
18-24 0.1% [30m] [172] [1 in 174,400]
25-34 0.7% [46m] [1204] [1 in 38,200]
35-44 1.9% [42.5m] [3268] [1 in 13,000]
45-54 5.0% [41m] [8720] [1 in 4700]
55-64 12.2% [42.5m] [20,984] [1 in 2025]
65+ 80.0% [54.5m] [137,600] [1 in 396]

Here are some sample rates of death for particular causes by age groups.

Heart Attack Men Age 35-44 - 3 in 1000
Drowning Age all - 1 in 10,000
Suicide Age all - 1 in 4500
Gunshot Homicide Age all - 1 in 21000
Gunshot Homicide Age 18-24 - 1 in 8000
Automotive Age all - 1 in 8000
Automotive Age 15-34 - 1 -7000
Other Accident Age all - 1 in 2000
Drug Overdose Age all - 1 in 5000
Poisoning Age all - 1 in 5000


The SARS CoV-2 virus results in CoViD-19 in disproportionately higher rates for people who have at least one comorbidity. It is highly age dependent with the oldest adult age group [65+] being 440 times more likely to die than the lowest age group tracked [18-24].

People lacking the basic intellectual capacities to make probability judgments have expressed a panic over this virus which is significantly greater in degree to the risk of death than by myriad other causes. Ignorance of risks results in wasted money, time, and, often, placing one’s self in danger of other more likely harms.

There is a vast array of people who stand to profit or gain power through the proliferation of the virus or a resulting panic. The World Health organization has stated that, “COVID-19 is mainly spread through droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks.” At the same time the U.S. Government has stated that surgical type masks “by design” do not prevent the spread of a virus when an infected person “coughs, sneezes, or during certain medical procedures.” In the same document the government recommended that the general public be encouraged to wear a “surgical mask” rather than an N-95 or other masks which are more likely to prevent the spread of a virus. That no standard has been set for the minimum permeability of face masks such as the standard for the sheathing on electrical wire tells you clearly that officials have no true interest in preventing the spread of the SARS CoV-2 virus.

Government recommendations should be ignored. Instead, rational judgments should be based upon the data which demonstrates infection modalities and probabilities. The incident rate for healthy persons under age 40 is so low that the existence of the SARS CoV-2 virus should largely be ignored by that age group.

Younger people would be well served to pay heed to being more aware when driving and improving skills there. Everyone would do just as well to be less clumsy and learn to swim. If people are going to wear masks then they would be much better served by wearing masks that keep the garbage which leads to heart disease from being stuffed down their fat gullets.

Since March when I became aware of this virus I have made it a practice to maintain physical closeness to other people, share in the use of eating utensils and food, not wear a face mask, and not be worried in any manner about the existence of this virus. All while being aware of the other risks to my well being and addressing those matters in a logically consistent method.

Incidentally, no public health official responded to my offer to be used as a test subject. I am currently a participant in one ongoing SARS CoV-2 psychological study.

I have previously written about the psychological and immunological harm of quarantine, the covert intentions of those proliferating the panic, and the ineffectiveness of common face masks.


[1] 3/24/2020 6:38 PM
I am offering to contract the SARS CoV-2 virus and be used for controlled study or testing. I am an extremely healthy male with no known ailments. My schedule is open until end of May. Please contact me or forward as appropriate. Thank you for your assistance.
[2] Table based upon total deaths of 172,000 among 5.5M cases. Age distribution is taken from the CDC mortality data. Comorbidity data is taken from the National Institute of Health. Population data is taken from Census Bureau estimates.

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©2008, 2020 Stuart Showalter, LLC. Permission is granted to all non-commercial entities to reproduce this article in its’ entirety with credit given.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Harvard, Yale, Racial Privilege, Racial Equity, and Racial Justice; Examining the arguments

As it has for all my life “race” continues to be a hotly debated issue that rises or falls on the social consciousness consistent with the ebbs and flows of events perceived as racially motivated. It seems that the death of George Floyd is making a resurgence in the news. As of yet I have not watched the video nor examined the other evidence. I did write about the issue HERE but am withholding a thorough analysis until at least three months after the event upon which time I may then give my opinion. I prefer not to be rash in my judgments nor do so hastily based upon a subjective report. A criminal trial will certainly provide a better opportunity for an objective assessment than social media postings.

In Grade 1 my favourite classmate was a black boy who undoubtedly came from a lower socio-economic class. I also had a white classmate who clearly was poorer than he. His family was in the bottom quintile for wealth. It never occured to me at the time that any of us had a privilege over another based upon our race. As I now understand the nuances of racial socialization a generalized privilege does exist.

As I grew older the element of race and our socialization set upon me as a force imposed by the adult sector who placed it paramount to the other facets of our lives. It could not be missed that those of us who saw each other as “friends” were being classified by the adults, particularly those of a political bent, as “white” or “black” and thus conditioned us as such. We were different. The them and us groupings were demarcated along a racial divide. The adults told us so.

Thus began a quest to understand why my perceptual senses had failed to become aware of this distinction until school administrators and others clarified that it was ever present. As I observed through the newly discovered lense of racial politics I did see that it was to be found everywhere.

We did have particular class instruction set aside solely for the purpose of examining the accomplishments of black people. Black and white students were sent to schools not proximal to their homes but which were lacking enough students of a particular race to establish a racial balance commensurate to a greater distribution thus achieving a political goal.

Then came the knowledge that all we had been taught about the racial blindness of the law and racial equity had been a farce. Simply because I or my impoverished white classmate from a family of 12 children had been born white we were going to be penalized when it came to hiring practices, college admission or other aptitude based qualifications. We would have to exceed the minimum requirements because of racial discrimination -- racism -- against us.

So came the terms “Affirmative Action”, “Racial Justice”, Institutionalized Racism”, and “Racial Privilege” which were all used to couch the practices of racists in more comfortable terms.

As it was propounded, that because of the prior oppression of particular races and the manner in which institutions functioned to exclude them from ascending to the levels of the elevated racial group, government must now step in and artificially create that elevation. Hence, if long dead skinny people made fun of your fat great grandparents without repercussion then we will now flog some unrelated skinny people to achieve justice.

In theory this rise in status would present opportunities for the oppressed race to grow into the position. It was not intended that black police officers or firefighters go through their careers commiting twice as many errors as their white counterparts. Rather, they were allowed to commit twice as many errors on the qualifications exam so they could get the job and then ascend to the same proficiency level as their white counterparts. But why the expectation that someone who commits double the errors will achieve parity in practice? Is there any evidence that says he who commits double the errors in preparing for a job will reduce those errors by half upon taking the job? And why use life threatening emergency situations as the practice ground?

The racial privilege theory says that, because of one’s race, some people will have greater opportunities during formative years while others will be hindered. As a child I had access to an encyclopedia set in my home. I am confident that my black buddy in Grade 1 didn’t. I didn’t see it in his house.

I lived in an area which was populated by such people whom I knew including a former Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, other judges and lawyers, medical professionals, college professors, various politicians and the like. I sat in on conversations with a former White House attorney and his political or business contemporaries. I worked for these people and conversed with them. I had an inside line to the Eli Lilly company, the courts, Indianapolis politics and about any other white collar domain I wanted to explore. So the argument for racial privilege says that because all of those people were white and I am a white associate of theirs while my black buddy was not then I can easily find repose in one of those fields while he will not.

But privilege in opportunity does not correspond to advantage in outcome. Simply getting the inside track to submit an application does not correspond to getting the position even though you didn’t meet the qualifications over someone who did meet the qualifications.

But I chose to pursue my athletic ambition of cycling which also formed in me during Grade 1. That would be a more difficult pursuit for me. I didn’t become aware that there was any type of cycling league in the United States until I was in high school. This would have been a late start for most of the elite riders in the sport. Paradoxically, it was another black friend who introduced me to that formalization and gave me the licensing application.

There are few black riders in cycling. The reason; the high costs. My entry level racing bike in 1984 cost me over $500. My custom built bike five years later was over $2500. A similar bike would be around $7000 today.

This particular black cycling buddy of mine was older and took me along to numerous races he was attending. In my second year of racing I qualified for the U.S. Nationals and placed well into the top half even though I had a flat tire during the race which did not get properly replaced.

Over the years I saw guys arriving at venues in motorhomes and parking at the racecourse. I once slept under the canopy of the entryway to a grade school in Detroit until the police ran us off at 3:00 a.m. Sometimes we drove through the night because we couldn’t afford a motel room. But we kept trying. We put forth the extra effort that wealthier cyclists weren’t required to do.

My senior year in high school I was invited to the U.S. Olympic Training Center [USOTC] in Colorado Springs. While there, blood was drawn, we were pushed to exhaustion on a treadmill, had our fat measured and whatever else would be done during a routine alien abduction examination. The news was simple and blunt. You don’t have good blood, are too fat, too tall, too weak, too timid or whatever. However, there was also encouragement in that cycling has a wide range of events which can accommodate about any physique.

My olympic gold medalist buddy raced for 200 meters. I was good at 1000+ times that distance. I was horrible at his event and he was horrible at mine. We each did not possess the physique for our opposing events.

I had poor blood. Genetically, I had a lower ratio of oxygen carrying red blood cells than did Lance Armstrong and some of the other guys that I was with at USOTC.

I raced one more season as an amateur then got my U.S. Pro license. I didn’t have the blood to keep my muscles from fatiguing earlier than those other guys. Thus, I had to rely upon strategy to keep me near the front when it counts -- the end of the race. No one handed more red blood cells to me. That is actually barred by rule [fn1]. Nor was I given a head start because of my genetic lineage which gave me a lower red blood cell count. Sometimes those who were born with the privilege of a higher red blood cell count were still beaten by me.

All was to no avail. In the Spring of that year I was hit by a truck and killed but managed to live through it and functionally recovered 20 years later. It was around the time of that collision that I posed the question to Yolanda King -- daughter of Martin Luther King -- regarding racial preferences. “Wouldn’t it be better for black people if all people were held to the same standard regardless of race because the extra effort blacks would have to put forth would make them more accomplished in other aspects of life?” I got a response that disappointed me. She said not at all. That giving blacks opportunities regardless of merit allows them to get the schooling or jobs that can give them more benefits in life. She basically converted it to a financial matter rather than a personal development issue.

To this day people marvel at my fortitude and exhaustive efforts I put into the various projects in which I endeavor to achieve. But to me it seems natural. No one gave me a pill to increase my red blood cell count so I would have parity with Lance Armstrong. I rode 500 miles a week and got cortisone pumped into my knees instead. Enduring the pain and exerting more effort to achieve the same athletic results, I feel, has paid off significantly throughout my life. During my life I have seen others put forth less effort and get greater immediate rewards but I have not been disuaded. I just put forth greater effort and feel satisfaction in knowing that I earned my rewards. It’s a point which I stand by and still think Yolanda King erred in her assessment.

If I have failed in relaying my judgment as to countering racial privilege through social practices then I will make it clear and succinct for you now. I strongly feel that it is an injustice to use racial disrimination to counter the benefits that one may derive from being the member of a particular racial group.

I do not dispute that there are entrenched systems which give favourtism to members of a racial group over others. This is acknowledged through the disparity in achievement standards based upon race where the bar is set higher for the elevated race and lower for the “oppressed” or “marginalized” race. The rationalization for this is to overcome the systemic inequality created by the discriminatory and oppressive acts of the superior race over the inferior.

The U.S. Department of Justice [DOJ] seems to agree with me. On 13 August 2020 it released a statement indicating that Yale University engages in illegal admission practices because “race is the determinative factor in hundreds of admissions decisions each year,” in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It has been 66 years since federal troops were used to escort students into a school after being denied admission based on race. At Yale University it apparently hasn’t changed. The DOJ found that Asian American and White students are one-tenth to one-fourth as likely to be admitted to the university as Black students with comparable academic resumes.

Eric Dreiband, assistant attorney general for the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, said in the press release. “There is no such thing as a nice form of race discrimination. Unlawfully dividing Americans into racial and ethnic blocs fosters stereotypes, bitterness, and division. It is past time for American institutions to recognize that all people should be treated with decency and respect and without unlawful regard to the color of their skin.”

Karen Peart, a spokeswoman for the university, vowed to continue the racist practices. She countered in a statement to CNBC, “We are proud of Yale’s admissions practices, and we will not change them on the basis of such a meritless, hasty accusation.”

What really raises my ire is that blacks and whites are mired in a trap in which they were pitted against each other by the apt vociferous racists Southeast Asians. These cunning, sly Asians have managed, without detection, to create an institutional framework in the United States that imbues them with advantages based solely upon their race. The very act of being a descendent of southeast Asian ancestry gives one an automatic path to high profile careers in the medical, academic, engineering, and financial fields as well as great entrepreneurial success.

More appalling is that they have psychologically manipulated other racial groups into thinking that they were an oppressed minority. They pretended to be virtual slaves building the railway system in the mid-19th century. They obviously imposed harsh opiate drug laws upon themselves not as a scheme perpetrated by racist whites but, rather, as a means to cull the slovenly from their ranks. This master race has dominated and oppressed other races while giving themselves the tools to glide into Easy Street. We know this is true by applying the racial privilege theory to the practices of Harvard University.

Following that theory, which postulates that admission standards are adjusted to compensate for racial privilege created by a superior race oppressing the lower races, Harvard University, as testified by a dean[2], has set this SAT score scale for admissions;
Asian Women 1350 - Asian Men 1380
Whites 1310
Blacks, Native American, and Hispanic 1100

It is time for whites including hispanics and blacks to unite and take down our common oppressor which has used its power and position throughout the course of the United States’ existence to create a framework that gives them a racial privilege.

However, I suppose that there is another viable option. That would be to quit imposing adults’ racist practices on children who had nothing to do with prior injustices and simply let all people strive for and achieve based upon their merit.

[1] “Blood-doping” involves drawing blood from an athlete, separating the red blood cells through a centrifugal process and then returning the red blood cells to the athletes circulatory system. This increases the ratio of oxygen carrying red blood cells to blood plasma which allows the muscles to function more efficiently. It has been banned in the Olympics and by most athletic governing bodies.
[2] NY Post Harvard’s gatekeeper reveals SAT cutoff scores based on race - 2018-10-07

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Friday, August 14, 2020

A surprising new wave of adherents to a White Supremacy agenda

I was recently asked for my thoughts about the removal of monuments of statues related to historics figures or events related to the existence of black slavery in the United States.

Back in my teen years, in an effort to end forced racism, I became aligned with some Skinheads and the larger White Supremacist movement. Within a year I had chapters of my organization in four states. I was frequently travelling throughout the midwest or engaging in telephone conversation with other national leaders to discuss agenda and strategy. I say this to let you know that I was well informed on the inner workings of the White Power / Supremacy movement.

We are closing in on the day when non-Hispanic whites will enter the ranks of racial minorities in the United States which will occur in this decade. A paramount tenet of the White Supremacy platform is also nearing its fruition. That is what I will tell you about today and who, surprisingly, is helping to achieve it.

White Supremacy is certainly not a new concept. It would seem that when differing racial or ethnics groups reside amongst each other in a common geographical region that they will vie to establish a hierarchical order. This occurs throughout the world.

Arguments based upon physiological traits, psychological predilections, behaviours / actions, or motivations have been propounded to establish a supremacy. Often they are defeated through scientifically rigorous examinations or anthropological study. Supremacy is really contextually determined.

I stated it this way when I appeared on a television program in 1990 and was asked if I was a White Supremacist. In the United States or industrialized western cultures developed by the white race I consider my racial group best adapted to operate within the confines of the system constructed by us -- supreme. However, if you were to throw me into the jungle where survival depended upon me hollowing out a branch to make a blowgun to shoot a poisoned dart into a monkey swinging through the trees so I could eat then I would consider myself to be inferior to any other race that inhabits that type of milieu.

The White Supremacy movement seeks to establish the white race as a politically ruling class. Strategy discussions on this matter included the varying ways in which this could be accomplished. The method which would encounter the least resistance would be by societal acceptance through tacit learning. That is, when people, through their own observations, see white folks, while competing on a level playing field, making the greatest accomplishments. Society then couldn’t help but conclude that whites are naturally superior. It’s a natural presumption that those demonstrating the highest level of proficiency should lead.

To accomplish that goal one would need to first establish a level playing field on which all racial and ethnic groups could exercise physiological and psychological prowess. Or, at least, give the appearance that there are no longer oppressed racial groups. Headway has been made toward doing this.

The Intelligence Quotient [IQ] test has been modified throughout the years, moreso recently, to eliminate what was known to be a problem from its inception - a cultural bias. A mathematical story problem using interest rates and home ownership for a logical calculation will inherently favour those who come from a background of high home ownership and savings accounts versus those who nearly universally rent and don’t interact with banks.

So the field is getting levelled in the area of mental measures. There is still the huge problem, particularly with blacks, that whites have dominated the political, social, and cultural structures throughout US history. White folks systematically subjugated non-whites and enforced a stratum which deprived minority groups of opportunities across numerous domains including employment, land or home ownership, and social opportunities. Think of the deals made in country clubs. Did non-whites ever have a chance to engage in those?

Blacks have been subjected to the lowest class status in the United States throughout its history. They were enslaved in the North and South. They were subjected to ridicule. Most egregiously they were wrongfully imprisoned and targeted for official harassment. And during my childhood referencing them by derisive terms or epithets was common and acceptable. But that is changing.

A largely successful push has removed those words and phrases from our common vernacular. Removing them from our lexicography is the ultimate goal of some socially progressive activists and White Supremacists. School students will soon all receive their textual communication via computer. That means a central control can remove particular words from every “textbook” through executing a keystroke. One day the word “slavery” may not be known to students. Don’t count on them to take it upon themselves to dive into old history books to learn on their own.

eBay has undertaken an effort to remove from its site any references to black people being portrayed in a negative manner. That means Stepin Fetchit characters or any memorabilia of other characters that show blacks as inferior performers for our entertainment will have never existed. At least not as far as eBay users will be able to see. Other online sales platform will follow.

How then could they be prompted to even want to search for a historical record of slavery? There won’t be a physical presence establishing that it ever happened. That is because of what is happening now which prompted me to write this analysis. Historical monuments, statues of political or military figures, and other structures acknowledging the existence of black slavery in the United States are being dismantled and removed.

Who do you think is behind it? Likely not the White Supremacist movement. These statues do not disappear without someone from the White Supremacy movement objecting. But those “protests” are just enough to show that racist whites want to keep them in place. These types of actions are orchestrated from elements within the White Supremacy movement. If you don’t think so then you don’t have enough experience in the White Power movement.

Media conglomerates are also falling in line with the movement to vanquish the historical record of black slavery. I am an avid movie collector. I have thousands. All physical copies. Our current younger generation likely doesn’t know what a Laser Disc is and probably don’t own DVDs. Their movie selection may be what Netflix or a similar host offers. Do they know what Marcel Pagnol’s CESAR, a film in the Fanny trilogy, is? Likely not. Netflix doesn’t offer it. Try to find one for sale. I have a sealed laser disc copy. If Netflix now offers but decides to no longer offer films like Birth of a Nation or In the Heat of the Night then the next generation of movie watchers can be deprived of the knowledge of the maltreatment of blacks in America.

Other highly influential mega corporations and organizations are readily joining this effort. If you think white supremacist run around with stupid white hoods on then your mind is just where they want it. Those mega corporations are largely run by neo fascist white people who are more than willing to exploit non-whites throughout the world. The old guard White Supremicist is not the power in the White Power movement. Modern White Supremacist power is in the board rooms. They could have easily been in the O’Bama administration because they have adapted to a strategy of influencing from within.

The Ultimate Outcome

The White Supremacist agenda includes a day when people will objectively look at the accomplishments, behaviours, fortitude and intelligence of the various races on the whole and conclude that whites are best. However, that objective analysis cannot happen when one makes a comparison knowing of the past atrocities committed against blacks and the impact that has had upon them culturally over numerous generations. There is yet to be a level playing field.

Evidence of abject racism, subjegation of blacks, slavery, brutality, and official action placing them in a position of inferiority must disappear. Then a new generation can awaken, look around, make objective judgments and ask, “Daddy, why don’t black people learn more, get better jobs, own their homes and just be more successful? We all have the same opportunities in American. Are they just stupid and lazy?”

Which side are you helping?

As for me. I almost feel sorry for the people who are being duped into abetting this plan. But I don’t. I just do my part by putting the information out there. People are still responsible for how they use it.

In closing I prompt you to think about a racial segregationists movement called Black Lives Matter and what they are doing to perpetuate racism and, ultimately, the White Supremacists agenda. .

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