Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Challenge to Perjury - Assault on Judicial Integrity by Child Custody Evaluators - Part III

In Part II of this series I left off with Judge Welch disqualifying herself after all parties involved had a conference about the evidence that Del Anderson, a GAL who works for Indianapolis based Child Advocates, Inc., had just committed perjury. Anderson had submitted a report to the court in November of 2012 and was being questioned by Jonathan Deenik the attorney for petitioner Kristy Moore. Under cross-examination by pro se litigant Brian Moore, Mr Anderson reiterated the 'facts' that he presented in his report. Mr Anderson testified that his report was based, in part, on notations he had written during that three hour interview with Mr Moore.

When giving testimony under oath in a court of law witnesses, such as Anderson, are required to affirm that such testimony will be truthful subject to the penalties and pains of perjury. It's okay to stand at a party table and give testimony if the court permits. It's okay to sit at the witness stand or even lay yourself there, although I don't recommend it. Someone needs to let Del Anderson know that it's not okay to lie on the witness stand.

Del Anderson is the GAL from the Indianapolis based corporation Child Advocates, Inc. and was assigned to the case of Moore v Moore 49D12-0810-DR-44790 in October 2011 by Judge Welch. He was to provide a report to the court regarding the parents and children as part of the proceedings related to mother's March 2011 petition to modify custody and parenting time in her favour. After about a year Mr Anderson submitted his report to the court.

In that report Mr Anderson made numerous claims as to the father, Brian Moore, based upon the content of a three hour interview that he conducted. I won't recite the particular claims here but the essence was that Mr Moore had engaged in bizarre behaviours and was not fit to be a parent.

I have requested that a transcript of the proceeding by prepared and sent multiple public records requests to parties named in Anderson's testimony. Those along with Mr Anderson's Report and the documentary evidence of his perjury I plan to prepare a full report to present to the Marion County Prosecutor seeking criminal charges against Mr Anderson.

In the next installment I will discuss the brazenness of the lies by Del Anderson, how Child Advocates has sought to manipulate this case and the depth of their efforts to prolong this litigation.

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