Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 Indiana Senate Bill 147 Status of Children - Legislation Part 26

Senator Tim Lanane has authored a bill that would create a commission on improving the status of children. Senator Lanane has demonstrated a consistent commitment to using our legislative body as a means to advocate for children and I have enjoyed working with him.

Senate Bill 0147 affects the following citations :IC 2-5-36. The synopsis is as follows:
Commission on improving the status of children. Establishes the commission on improving the status of children in Indiana (commission). Requires certain departments, agencies, and boards to submit an annual report concerning the status of children to the commission by June 30 of each year and to submit any other reports and information requested by the commission. Allows the commission to request from other state agencies information and reports regarding matters related to children. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the department of child services interim study committee.)

It is refreshing to see something come into the legislative arena that reflects what so many people claim to be their top priority but rarely is so in action. That is the welfare of children. Threaten the financing stream to union leaders, try to hold teachers accountable for their pay, seek to reduce some government handout and the halls of the state house get inundated with bodies. Try to keep children from suffering or dying and you are likely to get more than a wink from the overwhelmingly hypocritical population who is more concerned with their personal wealth and opportunities to avoid exertion or accountability. Senator Lanane understands this and although not always popular he has shown a propensity to favour protecting children over protecting streams of money. His commission for improving the status of children is evidence of that.

This bill would create a commission comprised mostly of stakeholders from state agencies involving children but would also include a few community members and would seek input from community advocates. This is an extremely important aspect of this commission because too often groups like this suffer from a group think mentality and are predisposed to “academic” viewpoints or data rather than the raw opinions from the front line.

The bill has been referred to the Committee on Health and Provider Services. Senator Travis Holdman has added his name as an author. Both men should be commended for their efforts and this bill should be passed into law.

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