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Indianapolis Bar Association's Family Law Commitment - Assault on Judicial Integrity by Child Custody Evaluators - Part V

Indianapolis Bar Association's Family Law Commitment - Assault on Judicial Integrity by Child Custody Evaluators - Part V

In Part IV of this series I left off with the summary that Child Advocates Inc., sent representatives into court who lied, attempted to manipulate the parties, acted in an adversarial position, and sought to prolong the litigation and turmoil in the lives of children whose parents are in a custody battle. This is directly contrary to law, court rules and what the Indianapolis Bar Association knows to be best for children.

The Indianapolis Bar Association's Family Law Commitment to Respect and Civility provides some guidance to attorneys appearing in Marion County Courts.
The members of the family law Section of the Indianapolis Bar Association, recognizing the high degree of conflict and the volatile nature of domestic disputes, their impact on children and the need for direction in balancing the duty to zealously represent the client with the obligation to rational, peaceful and efficient administration of justice, now make this pledge to promote the highest degree of respect and civility in conduct with the parties, attorneys and courts.
Guidelines [portions relevant to this matter]
I will maintain the highest level of professional integrity and personal courtesy in all dealings with parties, counsel, witnesses and courts.
I will not knowingly misstate, mischaracterize or fail to disclose relevant facts or legal authority.
I will whenever possible, encourage clients to reach amicable settlement of all issues after careful review of statutes and reasonable consideration of the risks, costs, delay and emotional trauma of trial.
I will not seek judicial intervention in matters that can be resolved through cooperation and communication between counsel and parties.

Yet Cynthia Dean lied to Brian Moore about a court order in an effort to get him to violate it and bring disruption to the children's lives. Dean filed an objection with the court to the proposal that the parents settle outstanding issues through mediation. Additionally, Dean has sought to perpetuate conflict between the parents and increase judicial intervention.

Just like numerous other attorneys, Cynthia Dean is aware that harm to children and conflict among parents pays the bills. Just last week a judge said, “I find that in my cases the parents that have attorneys fight more than those without.” This is often true of unscrupulous attorneys like Cynthia Dean who use tactics to perpetuate conflict and prevent harmony among parents even though it is contrary to the Bar Association's commitment to families and children.

That Child Advocates Inc. intentionally engages in actions to the knowing detriment of children is reprehensible. That they do so without adherence to law, court rules and what the Indianapolis Bar Association knows to be best for children is inexcusable. That they will likely continue to do this so long as their financial backers of this nefarious plan keep supplying funding demands a public response.

In the immediate upcoming segments I will disclose the results of evidence obtained that disputes Del Anderson's claims and also how use of third party evaluators exceeds their benefits. Following that I will begin to take on the financial backers who facilitate this harm to children and give to you the responses, if any, that I received from them.

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