Thursday, November 8, 2012

The first day of profit from the O'Bama victory

O'Bama's re-election as president was no surprise to me and thus I profited on the first day. I shorted the S&P 500 and sold in the aftermarket on Wednesday. In the upcoming four years and each thereafter I will continue to profit but not just in the financial markets.

I am not like most who will profit from the O'Bama victory – lawyers, sick-care providers, school administrators and others who are part of a regulatory scheme. Yet, I will still enjoy financial success. If he is able to further implement his agenda, median real wages will continue to decline unemployment will rise and the divide between those with the greatest financial assets and those with the least will continue to expand. That spells opportunity for someone with my acumen for which I will profit. It's not because of any particular skill set or economic system either.

Tomorrow the United States could revert from a socialist country to a liberty based free-market economy and I would still profit. The reason for this is as fundamental as life itself. As Darwin explained in his Origins of Species [a must read book] the survival of a specie or it's individual members is dependent upon adaptation – survival of the fittest. In this instance proximate adaptation will allow those who can manage to do so to survive and flourish in a changing environment. It could be called – profit of the fittest.

As all of my clients have come to learn and experience, it is proximate adaptation which leads to their successes. Regardless of whether you voted for either candidate representing the two factions of the incumbent party, a smaller challenging party candidate or didn't vote at all you too can profit from the re-election of O'Bama. You just need to know how to adapt.

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