Friday, November 16, 2012

2013 Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines [IPTG] - update

The Domestic Relations Committee [DRC] of the Indiana Supreme Court convened today for the purpose of preparing media presentation for judges and attorneys to learn about the changes made to the current IPTG. The DRC has submitted the proposed guidelines to the Indiana Supreme Court who will decide to accept the proposed rule as submitted or made changes. The revised IPTG will then be promulgated before going into effect.

Based on past experience I anticipate that if the process runs smoothly then we could see the changes going into effect in the early spring of this year. The DRC does not and will not have any additional information as the Supreme Court does not keep the committee updated as to its progress.

I will begin a round of media appearances soon to inform the public of and help explain what some of the changes mean. I will provide updates here as to those appearances.

In the meantime, although numerous parents are adopting the recommended holiday schedule, especially the winter break, it is not a rule yet. This does not obligate parents to follow the current guidelines, as parents may always agree to modifications, unless there is no agreement.

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More information about child custody rights and procedures may be found on the Indiana Custodial Rights Advocates website.

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