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O'bama-Tax Medical Intervention Cost Inflation and Consumer Choice Reduction Act [a.k.a. Affordable Care Act] website to be functioning today

30 November 2013

The website to implement the new tax system devised by Barrack O'bama is, according to the White House, going to be “working smoothly for the vast majority of users by the end of November.” After the predicted abysmal roll-out in October 2013 which found taxpayers unable to access the reduced choice for medical intervention payment plans O'bama dismissed the problems. He cited that worldwide private corporation Apple was performing no better at serving consumers who voluntarily chose to access its website. O'bama asked Americans to, "Consider that just a couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it." The difference here being that Apple responded in a consumer friendly manner.

I have previously written about A Healthy perspective on Health Care and O'bama providing to consumers the medical intervention limitations and cost increases they have demanded. I won't rehash that now but instead will just celebrate the implementation of O'bama's plan.

It may seem counter to my classic liberal ideology to celebrate such a reduction in choice and increase in costs but as a whole I feel that this is a wonderful outcome for the American people. As had been planned through the careful and precise wording of the legislation embraced by both factions of the Incumbent Party -- republicans and democrats – Americans recently began receiving notices of cancellation of their existing medical care payment plans. This was necessary to achieve the desired result of reduced choice – or liberty – of Americans.

As I said two weeks ago, “Medical services are divided into three categories: trauma care, sick care and health maintenance. In the field of debate over this issue most people have been guided into the fallacious belief that there exist three options for health care: buy health care insurance, pay cash, or go without needed treatment.” I then went on to explain that there is a fourth option – a healthy lifestyle – which is the health plan I use. I believe it is the best plan. Low cost, improved productivity, greater choice and a more fulfilling life. I have not once complained about O'bama altering my healthcare options.

O'bama has, through force of law, NOT taken over healthcare as has been claimed by so many. Rather he has encouraged choice in healthcare. A new paradigm of choice. Americans are being pushed into choosing between “healthcare” and medical intervention services for sale. Still, I do acknowledge that O'bama's plan is contrary to the teachings of nearly every major religion and the foundation of our constitutional republic. That is, we are not individually endowed to steal from our neighbors for our personal gain. I have no authority over your personal decisions about health care nor do you over me. Since we are a country founded upon a government of the people the government, just as each of us individually, has no right to steal – tax – from you your wealth for the benefit of ourselves. But alas we see that it is being done with the consent of the American people who elected the Republicans and Democrats that are ready and willing to deprive them of their right to choose – liberty. The ends it seems do justify the means.

The ultimate ends from this O'bama plan will be a healthier society. This is why I encourage you to embrace O'bama's plan to reduce medical intervention options and availability. It will lead to healthier outcomes. I have experienced it. I have lived it. I have seen the results.

I was in a federal prison for about a year which offered similar medical intervention care. Everyday the doors to the housing units were opened and inmates could head to the hospital to get in line for an appointment that day. Those with infirm bodies could pay someone else to secure a place in line. Once the schedule of appointments was filled for the day the door was closed and those remaining had to try again the next day. Or did they? There was another option which we collectively realized – health care.

I have never seen a population as concerned with health care as prison inmates. Regular exercise was a chosen routine by nearly everyone. Healthful food selections were also common although there were still those who chose to eat processed garbage made to appear as food. Even such mundane practices as brushing teeth, washing hands, maintaining clean environments were practiced with a near religious zeal. Mediation, self-education, philosophy discussions, spiritual practices and other routines that lead to healthful outcomes were common among inmates either individually or in groups. Overall, being in prison increases life expectancy. Clearly we had an expectancy that if we wanted to be healthy it was upon us to ensure that, as our choice was either take what intervention treatment we could get on a first-come, first-served basis or prevent ailments. But this is that to which I consented.

You may hardly think that a person consents to the conditions in prison but when compared to O'bama there is no distinction. I participated in the judicial process and was eventually duped by an incompetent attorney into accepting a plea agreement. The other option was to flee the jurisdiction. Thus, I consented. Similarly, O'bama was elected by a process originating with votes by the populace. Those who voted for O'bama have consented to be bound by his edicts. Those who voted for an alternate candidate participated in the process knowing the varying potential outcomes and, thus, consented. Those who didn't vote or express an opinion, by default, consented. Thus, everyone consented to this deprivation of choice.

This consent to simplicity should be welcomed and vigorously embraced. Health care options under O'bama are being reduced to two polar options – wellness or sustained sickness. I choose wellness. Now I am off to a 50+ mile round trip bike ride.

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