Friday, February 8, 2013

An Assault on Judicial Integrity by Third-Party Child Custody Evaluators and Lawyers - Part I

Before I proceed with my diatribe on the latest assault to judicial integrity that I have encountered I provide to you the first paragraph of the Indiana Code of Judicial Conduct.
[1] An independent, fair and impartial judiciary is indispensable to our system of justice. The United States legal system is based upon the principle that an independent, impartial, and competent judiciary, composed of men and women of integrity, will interpret and apply the law that governs our society. Thus, the judiciary plays a central role in preserving the principles of justice and the rule of law. Inherent in all the Rules contained in this Code are the precepts that judges, individually and collectively, must respect and honor the judicial office as a public trust and strive to maintain and enhance confidence in the legal system.

These words should be blazed across the bulkhead to every jurists' latrine, head, lavatory, powder room, john, W.C. or however named the sanctum of the great porcelain oasis to which those jurists who are regular types of guys or gals pay tribute every morning. Euphemisms aside, it is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that our court system operates in a just manner that builds confidence in itself by expunging from its hallowed halls those who would subvert the means of justice for their own personal gains.

What I will bring to light in this series of articles is the use of third-party evaluators in child custody proceedings and how some perpetuate conflict to enhance opportunities for additional court proceedings thereby increasing their own financial gain.

Particularly, I will focus most of this series on the actions of Child Advocates, Inc. an Indianapolis based agency that supplies evaluation services to judicial officers in Marion County child custody proceedings. I have previously posted about Cynthia Dean, a staff attorney for Child Advocates, Inc., who specifically told a father to violate a court order – one for which the mother was eventually found in contempt for violating. Dean then went on to oppose resolving the contested child custody proceeding.

Onto the scene has come Del Anderson, a GAL for Child Advocates, Inc., who filed a report with the court containing numerous lies in an effort to disparage father in the eyes of the court. He then proceeded to repeat and embellish the lies during sworn testimony in open court. This went on until it was brought to a sudden halt.

More details are to follow.

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