Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 Indiana House Bill 1160 criminal history checks of school employees - Legislation Part 27

Representatives Rhoads and Davisson have introduced a bill to simplify the language of the education statute related to school employee criminal background checks. Representative Davisson in his second term is quickly back into child well-being issues after a successful first term.

House Bill 1160 affects the following citation: IC 20-26-2-1.5. The synopsis is as follows:
School employee background checks. Provides that an expanded criminal history check, for purposes of education law, requires a national criminal history background check. Eliminates other types of permissible record searches under current law.

The bill strikes existing language and replaces it with this simplified text:
(1) national criminal history background check (as defined in IC 10-13-3-12); and
(2) check of:
(A) sex offender registries in all fifty (50) states; or
(B) the national sex offender registry maintained by the United States Department of Justice.

As a former guest of the US Federal prison system I gleaned much information about the successes and failures of my fellow convicts. Obtaining a criminal conviction, or avoiding, has as much to do with luck as it does the competency of the defense counsel. There are many people out there who are committing crimes that, for various reasons, never get convicted. For some it is lack of willing witnesses or superior defense counsel while another set is of such superior cunning that they can't be caught, let alone convicted.

It is that last group that concerns me the most when it comes to background checks. The criminal history background check acts as a filter – weeding out those who were unlucky or unskilled. What remains are the criminals that are lucky or so adept at their craft as to remain outside the scope of suspicion.

When it comes to sex offenders I would rather have the clumsy lecherous oaf who knows she or he is being watched and may have or is going through counseling to control his or her compulsions exposed to children. Filtering those people out in favour of the master manipulator who can aver suspicion from herself or himself exposes our children to a greater level of risks.

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