Friday, February 22, 2013

2013 Indiana Senate Bill 153 Employment of children - Legislation Part 31

Senator Becker has introduced a bill that would exempt children from Indiana's child labour laws for certain activities.

Senate Bill 0153 affects the following citations: IC 20-33-3. The synopsis is as follows:
Employment of children. Establishes the conditions under which a child who is employed or works as a youth athletic program referee, umpire, or official is exempt from the requirements of the state's child labor law.

As a newspaper carrier I was exempted from the child labour laws which also provide exemptions for farm labor, domestic service and caddies for persons playing golf. Senator Becker wants to add children involved in conducting or officiating youth athletic programs to that list. I certainly see no problem with that as it is an activity that helps these children develop interpersonal skills and earn some money. There is only one section of this bill that in my ever vigilant high conflict child custody based litigation eye sees which is related to parental consent. The bill reads,
The child has on file with the person responsible for assigning the child to officiate for the youth athletic program the original or a copy of a written consent to the child's employment as a referee, umpire, or official signed by the child's parent or guardian.
This allows for consent to be granted by either parent. Modification to signed by “legal custodian or any parent having legal custody” could eliminate a potential dispute. I can see this becoming a court issue with a custodial parent arguing that the non custodial parent didn't have legal authority to make this “healthcare decision” being that it is involvement in an athletic event and that, as will be stipulated in the waiver of liability, includes the risk of physical injury. For all other intents and purposes I believe this is good legislation.

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