Thursday, March 1, 2012

You are broke because you WANT to be

I will never forget the response to my grumblings and righteous indignation about my incarceration that resulted after two police officers testified under oath and penalty of perjury to finding a particular firearm in three different locations in my town-home. It was clear that they were lying. It was clear that I was targeted because of my politics and protests against the gangland tactics of the Indianapolis Police Department. It was clear that I blamed other people for my predicament. It was clear that I wasn't going to win any sympathy from this fellow convict.

He was a philosopher type who sat along the walkway overlooking the common area from atop and observed the social interaction of the inmates and staff. He was a large man and for those whom entered his circle had a jovial personality. Those on the outside say him as just another body moving through the course of time until released from the restraints of the institution. He was someone who has had the greatest influence on my life though. So what is the great mystery, those sage words he laid upon my rant -- you are here because you wanted to be!

That statement set me back for a moment and I didn't think much more of it for awhile. As we passed our days in philosophical thought I came to realize that he was correct. Every choice that I had made along the journey that resulted in that ultimate destination could have been made differently. The results may have not been my specific intent when I was making the decision at every crossroads I came to but ultimately I am responsible for my decisions that guide me to my position in life.

So how does this apply to being broke. There is an underlying or subconscious force that directs us to our ultimate destination. This psychological phenomenon was taught to me during my stay at the US Olympic Training Center shortly before that little stint that I took in the Bayou compliments of the US Government. The credo generally goes You are what you believe you are.

This is what raised my ire so much when anyone would say something to my son like "Get down from there you are going to fall". From a brain functioning and psychological or sociological perspective his body is going to engage in a physiological response that attempts to comply with the statement of an authoritative figure -- fall from that perch. It's no wonder I became incensed at these peoples potential to cause harm to my child. My response to him was usually something in the spirit of ignore this dumbass and do as I have already taught you.

I recently wrote about abandoning my automobile and am very happy that I no longer use a car to transport myself. Was it my direct intention to blow out the rear main seal on the engine -- of course not. I was irritated by the exhaust fumes in the driver compartment, that the struts needed replaced annually, that I was paying $260 a year for insurance that I never used, that it had an annoying vibration, that it needed new wheels, new muffler and exhaust pipes, and a plethora of other small problems.

What I had done was change the oil but didn't have my catch pan to place under the oil pan. So instead I just set a bucket under the filter, took out the filter, fired the engine and then put in the new filter. That method gets out all but about one quart. In my haste I added the full amount of oil for the change. Thus, it was now overfilled by one quart which was enough to blow out the seal. Did I intentionally add to much oil, No. But it was my actions, possibly directed by my subconscious that did so. Ultimately I achieved my desire -- no more automotive related expenses nor having to do all the mechanical work that I had no enthusiasm for doing like I did on my muscle cars.

What it all comes down to is you are in the position for which you have placed yourself. That whatever your current state it is based upon your decisions. I am the one responsible for getting run over by a truck and ending my stint as a professional cyclist. I am the one responsible for my incarceration. I am the one responsible for my divorce. I am the one responsible for the loss of all my assets and businesses as a result of the divorce. I am the one responsible for all the successes I have achieved because I have allowed myself to have those successes by taking responsibility for myself. So stop whining in an attempt to gain sympathy, take responsibility for yourself and then allow yourself to become wealthy.

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