Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Earthworm Fried Rice

It's an easy recipe and a healthy meal that you likely haven't had and don't want to try -- Earthworm Fried Rice. If you have any health ailments, financial problems, relationship issues or job stress then maybe it is time that you tried it. The purpose is not directly related to nutritional value for the body. More so for nutrients of your mind and the indirect nutritional benefits.

Preparing Earthworm Fried Rice is a healthful process that will provide long lasting benefits and contribute to your well-being.

1) Collecting the worms - Don't cheat and go to a bait shop. Collect the worms as you tend to your garden. Your gardening provides an opportunity for mild exercise, relaxation and fresh vegetables that keep your grocery bill down.
2) Cooking the Rice - Steam your rice and vegetables until tender and spice as desired. While doing so concentrate on your bodies use of these foods for building, maintaining and strengthening itself universally.
3) Add the worms - Worms digest dirt extracting nutrients in the process. If you don't want to eat a little dirt then laterally bisect the worms and clean the dirt from them before cooking. Add worms and fry until rice is slightly dried.

That is the easiest part of the process. The difficulty likely resides in your mind and overcoming years of conditioning that results in a desire to eat garbage rather than food.

I enjoy food to the point that I have struggled in the past to maintain a healthful weight. Any fruit or vegetable will do but fresh peaches, pineapple, mango, star-fruit, kiwi and strawberries are some of my favourite fruits. Butternut squash, Roma Tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, zucchini and vast range of peppers top my veggie list. I also find great pleasure in the seafood exotics such as squid, eel and oysters. Then there are the various fungi, herbs and bugs. Crickets eaten live or sauteed in soy sauce and used as a salad topping provide an exquisite flavour and are nutrient dense.

Usually I lose most people at the unusual seafood delights and the few folks that can still contemplate following my diet abandon the idea when it comes to the bugs. Ironically, those people who are repulsed at such an idea will eat Twinkies, battered fish or McDonald's McNuggets without hesitation. Those three non-foods are equally or more abhorrent to me though. The ingredients list of McNuggents should disgust anyone. Yet rarely does it which is because most people have been conditioned to crave garbage rather than food.

So eating Earthworm Fried Rice is not about nutrients or flavour but getting you to the point of understanding the importance of and not tolerating or forcing yourself to eat food but to get you to desire food and abstain from eating garbage. Some foods are more nutrient dense than others while some provide significantly more calories than nutrients or fiber but any food is better than garbage.

If you aren't ready to jump in and eat Earthworm Fried Rice then just start with eliminating garbage from your diet -- anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup [HFCS], hydrogenated oils, artificial colours or artificial flavours. Eat step, regardless of length, towards modifying your diet to include only food is a positive step.

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