Friday, March 2, 2012

The Easiest Thing I've Ever Done - Month Two

This week I went to Ocean Buffet and savoured six plates of delicious and healthy food while the other members of my party watched in amazement then asked how I can eat so much. That night I slept soundly on a couch awaking to a commercial about SENSA since I didn't bring any movies with me. Fortunate though as it gave me more material to rail for being just another weight loss gimmick.

This non-pharmaceutical weight loss product claims to be as easy to use as just sprinkling on food. "SENSA is like my will power" claims one user. All of the testimonials and host comments never mention the text which is flashed across the screen advising that results reflect -- "SENSA used with a sensible diet and exercise".

The host goes on and on repeating the various claims as the testimonials are presented -- "eat all of the foods you love", "just sprinkle on all the foods you love and watch the weight come off, it's that simple" , "it's as simple as sprinkle, eat and lose weight". Never is there mention of the printed advisory about exercise or the sensible diet. There is mention about cutting back on portions and eating less.

I recall seeing this informercial back around Christmastime when I stayed over at my parents and let the tv run all night. I think the guide indicated the program as "lose 30 pounds with SENSA". I had already planned on initiating a further reduction in my weight from 143 to 128. Half of what SENSA would do for me. So, they claim.

Last month a posted an update on my progress in which I had reduced my weight to 133 pounds and anticipated being 127 by 01 March. Well, for the past month I have stuck to my plan that didn't involve taking the step to "just sprinkle [SENSA] on all the foods you love and watch the weight come off, it's that simple".

For me it has been easier than that. I just eat whatever I want whenever I need. Today here I stand at 129 pounds with the veins starting to become visible across my abdomen again. The nice thing is the oil mixture that I apply has kept me from having that sagging skin that would usually accompany a drop from 196 to 129 pounds.

I have nearly reached that Springtime goal of 128. I didn't hit 127 as predicted a month ago but it is not my intention to achieve a particular weight at a particular time. I have just estimated my forward looking weight based upon my current diet and lifestyle.

After another 30 days of eating whatever I feel like eating, whenever I feel like I need the nutrients then I believe I will be at 122 pounds, the weight of my gal-pal. Incidentally, a weight I haven't been since grade 5. For those who feel that a man should be fatter than a woman I will have a post for you coming later this month.

Considering the likelihood of increased travel by bicycle during warmer days it may happen sooner. Though I don't expect to be back showing you my 113 pound body that SENSA -- if you believe such things -- claim they would help me achieve.

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