Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Irony in an Unintentional Result of Selfishness

I suppose this posting could be classified under numerous categories -- health, morals, personal responsibility, logic, or economics. The crux of the story revolves around seeking medical treatment for obesity induced heart disease.

The subject is a man related to me somehow like my mother’s father’s sister’s husband’s brother’s son whatever that would be or something along that vein of far removed relations. I’m not adept at keeping track of genealogy. Anyway, while this guy endeavored to maintain his massive girth his heart was suffering the consequences. Thus, he had already undergone numerous cardiological treatments which likely included some surgeries. As a retired member of the US military he was entitled to receive services from the Veteran’s Administration hospitals -- which he did.

Now onto the values lesson producing part of this story. Instead of modifying his lifestyle to a healthy mode he chose to relocate from Chicago to some place out in the Great Plains states where a VA hospital that supposedly has a better cardiatric unit was located.

Relocating his residence and entire family across the country so he could be more conveniently located to his bodily neglect repair center was a costly undertaking. There are people who simply make a trip on their own periodically for treatment rather than relocate an entire household, which could be less costly. Maintaining or shifting to a healthy lifestyle would cost still less. Alas though this guy took the most costly route.

There was more than the financial costs associated with relocating or the costs of having taxpayers fund his lifestyle. The cost to him in abandoning a moral requisite was a unintentional effect -- karma. While unloading his belongings upon arrival at his new residence he dropped dead of a heart attack.

Sometimes selfishness does reveal its cost immediately. Live healthy, if not for yourself then for the children who rely upon you.

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