Friday, December 4, 2015

Michigan Judge Jaklevic declares US Constitution to be a piece of trash

A judge in Mecosta County in Michigan jailed a man on obstruction of justice and jury tampering charges for informing citizens of their constitutional rights as jurors. The man, Keith Wood, was on the sidewalk surrounding the Mecosta County Courthouse handing out fliers about jury nullification when Judge Jaklevic had deputies arrest him and hold him on $150,000 bond on the two charges.

The office of Judge Jaklevic stated that he had “no comment” as it was “an ongoing case” when I asked why he held profound contempt for the U S Constitution and the people of the state of Michigan. He additionally provided no comment as to whether he planned to immediately retire from the bench and move to North Korea.

In Why you should always demand a jury trial I wrote about the rights of jurors and how jurors retain ultimate control over government through jury nullification. The offense of obstruction of justice uniformly throughout the United States requires that a person knowingly inhibit the apprehension of a wanted person, inhibit the discovery of evidence, or through the use of coercion, threat, or force attempt to affect the testimony of a witness.

The offense of jury tampering uniformly throughout the United States requires that contact be made to omit a potential juror from being empaneled or to a currently empaneled juror and that a threat, coercion, or enticement other than the presentation of evidence or argument be made to the juror in an attempt to affect the juror’s decision on the pending case. As the required elements of either offense were not satisfied by the constitutionally protected free speech actions of Wood his arrest of was clearly inviolate of his constitutional rights and an affront to all free persons in the world.

Judge Jaklevic should immediately step down from the bench and start packing his bags to relocate to a land where the government is more to his philosophical liking. His actions clearly indicate that he considers the US Constitution to be a piece of trash. He may be contacted at (231) 592-0799.

North Korean leader Kim Jong un declared on Thursday that Jaklevic was unequivocally the man in the West who most clearly represented the spirit and policy of the country of North Korea and declared him to be North Korea’s Man-of-the-Year as well as honorary ambassador to the United States. Jong-un said, “I like him, he mine kind of leader” as he clasped his hands together and raised them to the sky.

A rally in support of citizens of Mecosta County and Keith Wood has been scheduled for 10 December 2015 in front of the Mecosta County Courthouse. More information is available here.

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