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JD Miniear for US Congress Indiana 7th District - In his own words

03 March 2014

As I have attended various events around Indianapolis this year I have continued to see the presence of a candidate for Indiana's Seventh US Congressional District which is currently occupied by Andre Carson. This candidate and community activist is JD Miniear who took time out of his busy schedule to speak with me about his campaign.

In 2010 JD Miniear was working on the Congressional campaign of Dr Marvin Scott. As the election returns came in and it was apparent that Scott wasn't going to win he announced to his staff in the room that he would not run again but thought that someone in that room would unseat Andre Carson. The eyes turned towards JD Miniear who in 2011 looked at the district as it had been reconfigured and he thought it was winnable race.

Miniear feels that he can upset such a well known name as Carson because it is that Carson is so well known. Well known for the types of policies and positions that go against the values of most Hoosiers and the principles of liberty that our constitution embodies. Miniear seemed upset by the “August 2010 racially charged messages” by Carson which proved to be untrue.

When I asked Miniear about his platform he was passionate about the electrical grid. I could see why as Miniear explained the importance of this often overlooked critical element of our national security. As a 2014 member of the EMP coalition Miniear will be advocating for responsible energy independence that is not jeopardizing the security of our country. He contends that O'bama and Andre Carson are pursuing an agenda that will jeopardize our national security and cost the average Hoosier family almost an additional $1000 per year. The administration's plan is to turn off six power plants in Indiana next year. The consequence ironically is going to be increased air pollution as more coal fired power plants go on-line in China where there is not anti-pollution technology like that which exist at Indiana power plants.

While it may not appear to be directly related to families and childhood well-being maintaining the integrity of our power grid is certainly important for everyone as is reducing the financial burden on working parents. Miniear also intends to fight the executive branch power grab if he gets a seat in Washington D.C. where he plans to go next week for a CPAC convention. Supporting the lawsuit against the NSA by Rand Paul and opposing the FCC efforts to put government monitors in newsrooms are two of the ways Miniear wants to protect our liberties.

Finally, Miniear's platform would provide protections to parents to have family autonomy that would foster childhood well-being rather than the social engineering programs that create problems for children.

I wanted to know the one thought that describes JD's feelings of the primary role of government. For him it is to “serve the people by upholding the constitution rather than O'bamas view that government is the master of the people.” That view was succinctly expressed next when I asked him about the role of the federal government in education. Miniear thought it should be “very little.” He quickly pointed out that the US Constitution provides “no authority for a Department of Education” which he would not be against an effort to abolish. Thus, JD's thoughts on Common Core were no surprise. Without hesitation he said “Its too common.” Miniear made his thought on the draft standards recently posted by the Indiana Board of Education, which adopt the Common Core standards, when he appeared and spoke at a public hearing on Tuesday 25 February at the Indiana State Library. Miniear insists that “we should push towards having higher academic standards for Hoosier students rather than what is common.”

We often hear a romanticized version of America that existed in the 1950's where families prospered and there were few social ills. Yet contradicting this image is the teenage pregnancy rate which was cut nearly in half from 1957 to 1983 when in the latter year it gained attention as a social ill. So many so-called social ills seem to be erupting along with the calls for federal action. Miniear attributes much of this to Great Society programs which provided “subsidies for mother to have children out-of-wedlock.” He acknowledged that “there is some legitimacy to the problems but these federal programs are not the solution.” JD explained that there are numerous factors contributing to these social ills which don't need federal programs to cure but, rather, getting back to some basic fundamentals of life. These included that “people need to understand right from wrong” that the “socialist mentality” which encourages “avoidance of responsibilities” is promoting victimhood status and dependence. He cites the early breakdown induced by no-fault divorce and the increase in fatherless homes as a contributor to many of the factors that appear to cause these social ills including youth violence.

Miniear posits that much of the solution rests upon the federal government “getting out or doing reverse social engineering.” That is, creating new policies that provide more freedom for families or eliminating social engineering programs. When it comes to providing the opportunities for children it “does not a village it takes two parents, a man and a woman.” One way this could be accomplished is by allowing states to direct some of the child support enforcement funding to parenting time enforcement. This is because parents who are regularly able to exercise parenting time are more compliant with support orders. Given the widely known benefits of two actively involved parents in a child's life and that enticement is more effective than punishment the child support enforcement dollars could be better spent on parenting time enforcement.

He also sees benefits to early childhood education, protect children from sexual abuse and protecting the lives of the unborn. The policies of the welfare state that created single parenting he sees as the burden upon single parents who struggle to do their best for their children against a web of social engineering that creates great profit opportunities for numerous practitioners by creating problems for children.

One can't be around JD Miniear for any length of time without seeing someone who is deeply concerned about the course that America is headed down that is detrimental to the constitutional way of life that has allowed families and children to prosper but is increasingly threatened. One thing he is uniquely doing is being deeply involved in the EMP coalition. Others are not protecting the electrical grid as he and about the other 40 people across country in that coalition seek to do. It doesn't seem like a family or childhood well-being issue into you look a bit deeper at just how much our families rely upon a secure electrical grid.

So what lies ahead for JD is he is elected? Well he said “for the first six months I wouldn't mind just cleaning up govt rather than voting on bills.” This would include getting special prosecutors for IRS and other scandals as well as giving Congress subpoena and enforcement powers. But before he can get there to do the things that we desperately need like cleaning up and returning trust to government he needs your help. So please visit and share his message with your friends. If you live in the district then sign up for a yard sign. Amazingly he says that though it won't be a major news channel that “a financial contribution of as little as $5 can cover one television commercial.” The one thing that JD says everyone can do is “send your prayers.”

In closing I am going to leave you with JD Miniear in his own words: “When Mayor Greg Ballard received more votes in the Indiana 7th US Congressional District in his 2011 election against his Democrat opponent it paved the way for us to lay claim to the very real prospect we can defeat (D) Andre Carson this year.  Andre’s membership in far left green energy committees and caucuses in Washington leave him guilty as charged when it comes to the Department of Energy stating the average residential customer can expect to see an $80 a month increase in their utility bills due to the administrations war on coal and fossil fuels.  Our campaign is about returning power back to We The People as exemplified by Reverend Carl Kelley in this 2 minute ad.  May God Bless you and yours and may God save America!"

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