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Helicopter Parenting and Overscheduled Kids: On Course for a Crash Landing? to be the subject of the 2014 Justice Steve David's Community In-Service program

05 March 2014

Justice Steve David's 14th annual Community In-Service program will be held on Wednesday 12 March 2014 at the Witham Health Services Pavilion at the Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds beginning at 8:00am. This year's theme is Helicopter Parenting and Overscheduled Kids: On Course for a Crash Landing. The keynote speaker for the event is Dr Greg Sipes.

Helicopter parents – those who assume the responsibilities and risks for their children – can be extremely detrimental to the children's well-being. These traits include being a solution provider rather than problem solving technique teacher, overscheduling rather than allowing for free thought and exploration, and being a safety guardian rather than letting children experience the beneits of learning through adversity.

Even personally transporting your children to school rather than allowing them to walk is a trait of helicopter parenting which had additional adverse effects. I will be writing about that issue next week when reasonable walking conditions resume. It is these behaviours that I caution parents against and also develop alternative strategies to ensure the well-being and proper development of their children. It is because this parenting style inhibits well-being and proper development of children that I make recommendations to the judicial officers hearing contested child custody cases that those parents should not have primary responsibility of the children.

While the various forms of physical abuse of children have been thoughtfully acknowledged by policy makers and judges the psychological damage through such actions as helicopter parenting has been slow to be recognized by the judiciary and less so by the public at large.

This year's Community In-Service – Helicopter Parenting and Overscheduled Kids: On Course for a Crash Landing – should help bring to the attention of parents, practitioners and policy makers the negative impact and consequences of helicopter parenting.

Persons wishing to attend may register using this form which must be returned to Witham Hospital by 07 March 2014. Registration fee is $65.

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