Friday, December 13, 2013

How many questions does it take to get to the answer of a “yes” or “no” question? - Del Anderson of Child Advocates, Inc.

13 December 2013

Do you know why court room testimony doesn't make for good television drama? Because it is laborious, boring and – as in this example – so idiotic it make you want to ram your head into a wall.

So here is a brief portion of witness Del Anderson, a GAL for Child Advocates, Inc. of Indianapolis, being cross-examined in a child custody case.

COUNSEL: Are there currently any – any problems that [parents] are having with the custody arrangement and ... parenting time?
GAL ANDERSON: Can you be more specific about problems – what problems?
COUNSEL: That's what I am asking you. Are the – is there anything that you perceive as a problem with parenting time or the – the – the – uh – the – the parenting time schedule or our current custody arrangement? Are there any problems as a result what [parents] have right now?
GAL ANDERSON: Well the arrangements [parents] have is what the Court ordered.
COUNSEL: Right. Yeah – and I'm asking if there are any problems with that?
GAL ANDERSON: Do I have any problems with it?
COUNSEL: Not if you – (Indiscernible). Are there any problems that [parents] are experiencing with the current custody arrangement or parenting time schedule?
GAL ANDERSON: Well apparently [they] are dropping the kids off and picking up as [they] were ordered to do.
COUNSEL: Is that a problem?
GAL ANDERSON: If [they're] doing what [they] were ordered to do, no that's not a problem.
COUNSEL: So then my question was are there any problems with the current parenting time schedule and custody arrangement?
GAL ANDERSON: No, [they] have not had any problems from my understanding.

It is tinged with humor as you likely see someone who either doesn't know how to answer a yes or no question, is being hostile toward one side, or is just too stoned to know what is going on.

Oh and that is who Child Advocates, Inc. of Indianapolis employs to make the critical recommendations that affect the ultimate well-being of children. YIKES!

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