Monday, May 27, 2013

Integrity, policy and respect - 2013 Indianapolis Motor Speedway bicycle policy - Indy 500

Any organization can be measured by the respect, or lack thereof, shown by employees to customers. It is when those employees show disrespect to customers and the response by the organization that demonstrates their integrity. A part of the response should come in the form of well written policies that are adequately explained to the employees. Additionally, these policies that affect the customers should be readily available and promoted to the customers.

The reputation of an organization as well as it's legal culpability can be damaged or compromised by “ghost policies” that are made up on the spot by employees in response to their personal biases. Such an organization is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation. I wrote about my experience with riding a bicycle to the IMS in 2011 and the disrespect that I was shown when I was told "Just get out!". Or perhaps it was the religious iconography that dangled from a chain around my neck.

Clearly there is no bicycle policy that prevents bicycles from being on IMS property which “includes that fence”. The same fence shown in the photo to which I asked if I could lock my bicycle to before being told to “just get out!”

The response from the IMS chief executive to my letter requesting an explanation - nothing. They still ask for my money each year though which they do not get. I attend through a sitting in a block of corporate tickets.

The IMS corporation clearly lacks integrity and respect for its' customers.

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