Thursday, May 2, 2013

Attorneys must assist judges to ensure that Domestic Violence Protective Orders are Child Friendly

While I am in the midst of doing interviews for my Mandatory Mediation proposal being presented later this month I get called to assist on another high conflict custody case that involves Domestic Violence allegations and the issuance of a DVPO. The attorney I met with yesterday understands the dynamics of this and the game that is being played. But too often they don't and neither do the judicial officers.

This seems like a good time to remind attorneys and parents about their responsibility to ensure that DVPO when issued in domestic relations cases are child friendly. My article, Ensuring that Judicial Officers are Protecting Your Clients' Children in Child Custody Cases when Domestic Violence Protection Orders are Issued, explains why and how to make the argument that DVPO must be child friendly.

I do not delve into the strategy for combating Domestic Violence allegations, seeking stipulations that protect all parties or the process of eliciting the full truth. Those must be developed on an individual basis. This article however should provide a good basis from which to begin developing a comprehensive plan.

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