Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Washington D.C. Activities and a Message from U.S. Senator Mike Lee

The New Fair Deal is a series of legislative proposals that was introduced in the U.S. Capitol on Monday 15 April 2013. The date selected was no coincidence but intentionally selected to coincide with the introduction of the first two bills, both tax related.

I arrived for this event on Sunday evening to crowded Georgetown streets where I wandered around for awhile before settling in for the night at the Washington Hilton which is well-known as the location where John Hinckley shot President Reagan.

In the morning I accompanied some Republican elected officials to take some grievances to the RNC. They were denied entry so I moved on to the legislative office buildings where I was delivering a report and seeking input from key legislators. After that I was off to listen to some sponsors and supporters of the New Fair Deal. At the conclusion it was back to the legislative office buildings for some more last minute lobbying. By the end of the day I had been in all five office buildings and on nearly every floor.

Walking around the administrative center of national government reveals the size of the federal government. Huge buildings covering nearly an entire city block, many that have clearly been expanded or are currently in the process of expansion are dedicated solely to a single government agency.

By the time I made it up to the Canadian Embassy the sole of my shoe was falling off and they were closed. I reflected on what I had heard from legislators that day, the decline in the stock market, news feeds about more job cutbacks, and the physical size of the seat of our national government and the 2200 or so programs it administrates. The government keeps getting larger but competition among business is receding and it doesn't seem that our prosperity is improving proportional to the increase in government. Senator Mike Lee expressed quite eloquently and succinctly how the government's refusal to allow us to exercise our economic freedom through a free market capitalist economy is hurting the majority of Americans. After Senator Lee was done speaking he gave his speech to me which I have scanned and now present to you. Please take a moment to read it and think about the costs to all of us by being deprived of a free market.

We shouldn't be paying more to live just because the largest corporations keep demanding more regulation so they can increase their profits. If you no longer want to be subject to the damaging effects of over regulation and submission to the will of others then please visit my website and contact my scheduler to make an appointment to meet with me.

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