Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Child Advocates Inc., Perjury Accusations to be Heard Friday 05 April 2013

The accusation against Child Advocates Inc., and particularly its GAL Del Anderson, will be heard beginning at 0930 in Marion County Superior Court 5. Judge Robert Altice will be presiding. Altice formerly sat in the criminal courts.

Anderson is accused of providing a falsified custody evaluation report and subsequent testimony to the Marion County Superior Court 5 with Judge Heather Welch presiding. Anderson's report is an effort to malign the father but Anderson's integrity was called into question earlier this year when the father offered to play a three hour recording of dialogue between Anderson and the father. Statements in that recorded dialogue directly contradict those made by Anderson while testifying under oath in court. The primary focus will be on the portion of the report and testimony alleging that the Pendleton Elementary School went on lockdown because of a threat made by the father. Prepared to testify on Friday will be Pendleton Police Chief Mark Farrer and Pendleton Schools Superintendent Joseph A Buck who will both state that the school was not on lockdown as Anderson claimed. A request for special findings has been made so those findings can be submitted to the Marion County Prosecutor's Office to support a criminal complaint for a charge of perjury.

Attorney Cynthia Dean of Child Advocates Inc., while communicating with Jonathan Deenik, attorney for mother, attempted to get the father to violate a court order last year which he did not do. Ultimately mother was found in contempt of court for her willful violation of that order. Her sanction is still under advisement by the court.

I was recently requested to appear as a witness in another case seeking the dismissal of Anderson as the GAL but before I was called that matter was continued until June. I will be appearing Friday to provide testimony and documents to refute Anderson's claims.

The hearing on Friday is open to the public. The court may be accessed on the Fourth Floor of the City-County Building by using the west elevators.

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