Friday, January 13, 2012

Managing time to make more time

Do you ever feel like you are on a hamster wheel trying to get caught up on never ending commitments for your time? Your days seem to end with more on your plate than you started with and the lethargy you feel leaves you irritable and unsatisfied.

A few days ago I was hanging out with a gal discussing the activities of our day and what we had planned for the immediate future. My day was going to end with yoga and meditation be it 2:00am or whenever I got home. Typically I dedicate at least three hours per day to this type of activity and other physical exercise. She marveled at this and ask where do I find the time. Quite simply it's because of the paradox that I spend three hours per day doing this. Spend is the inappropriate word to use but it is there for illustrative purposes. You likely read through that line fully accepting the postulate that I spent that time. It is that very mindset that prevents people from fully realizing their potential though.

I don't spend at least three hours per day on this routine. Instead I earn three hours per day doing this. This investment in time is the antithesis of using time. You are likely familiar with the precept that you can't make money without spending money. The same is true for time. To make enough time to meet what seems to be never ending obligations we must invest our time.

I will not digress into a detailed explanation on the integration of time, money, health, employment, needs, wants and relationships as I do in personal sessions but will provide a very brief example using my exercise. The first thing that exercise does is make the body more efficient.

A paradox about exercise is that it requires the body to use less food. As I sit here writing my pulse is slightly elevated from having just consumed a meal but it is 50bpm. At about anytime, I can sit and have a pulse of 45-55bpm. While sleeping it drops to around 40. While meditating I have gotten it below 40. A recommended caloric intake for an adult male is about 2000 Kcal/day. An unhealthy person may require 50% more energy just to maintain metabolic functioning. Even with all my exercise I still consume only 1200-1800Kcal/day. As a result of this I then spend only about half as much money on food. My costs is under $5/day. Still a bit high because of the organics and being an epicurean.

Another paradox brought about through the increased efficiency resulting from exercise is that the body needs less sleep. Sleep is a necessary component of the body's immune system. Sleep allows the hemispheres of the brain to disconnect, the body to lie motionless while cellular repair is undertaken and a respite from the daily stressors inflicted upon the mind. Exercise increases the need for sleep but the superior physical fitness results in less inflammation and stress and, therefore, that increased need from exercise is more than countered by reduction of inflammation and stress resulting in an accumulated reduction in need for sleep.

You should be able to start seeing the connection now -- less cost for food, less financial stress, less time spent working to pay for food, more time to exercise.

It can go much further though and it does.

There is the time and costs associated with doctor visits, automotive maintenance and repairs, unhealthy and financially burdensome eating routines from being rushed, and stressed familial relations that aggravate the other factors. You can drown in a quagmire of a revolving cycle interlaced with other demands on time that perpetually builds upon itself.

Do you spend time ruminating about the incomplete tasks that carry-over from previous days or do you envision a plan that effectively manages your time for the day upon its' inception? Both take the same amount of time but one is more stressful and a scourge to progress.

Ask yourself if your time is being utilized for the purpose of trying to manage an inordinate amount of competing demands for it or does it follow a utilitarian manner that reduces demand and affords the greatest opportunities for relaxation and leisure activities. If you feel that you are being controlled by demands for your time then it is time to draw the demarcation line. Ultimately you will benefit in many ways and if you have children, especially in a custody battle, then they will be the greatest beneficiaries.

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Anonymous said...

great techniques, I think we should change our mindset when dealing with the time, from managing the time into investing the time. It is often we focus too much to our completion and neglecting our time for training ourselves, having some exercises or doing some sport. You may consider doing the sport is another time consumption since you will need to allocate more time for its completion.

But if you could do it continuously, you will get a broader affect in increasing your productivity, improving your focus and maintaining your body fit longer. You will be more energetic in doing your tasks, could complete your tasks faster and prevent you from get exhausted easily.