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Consciousness and Demon Slaying

When thinking of battling demons you may first envision images from pop culture; Buffy the Vampire Slayer, other movies like Frailty and the Exorcist, or the writings of Salvatore. Do you ever consider the reality of demon slaying and the power of thought.

I have seen the unmasked persona of people involved in child custody battles. I have seen the abusers of children exposed. I have listened to the pleas and cries of parents who want the abuse stopped. I have heard their disdain, anger and demands for retribution. Ultimately they go unsatisfied.

I feel that their lack of resolution or satisfaction with their plight is not based upon any external force or circumstance but, rather, from missing a very basic premise -- love thy enemy. Applied in the abstract it is not the intention to accept or embrace the action but through universal love to love the person. This is a concept embraced by numerous cults and is attributable to their charismatic leaders or a purported super-being on whose behalf they deliver the message. I also embrace this concept though only through Unity.

I was once in a fierce legal battle with a demon. This was a very unhappy man who pursued a legal career as a means of extending the reach of his bullying personality. 30 years prior he had broken into his parents' home, physically attacked his elderly mother and robbed them of personal belongings while leaving his mother, who resisted, hospitalized. He avoided arrest but a civil protection order was issued and a civil judgment was entered against him which included the costs of private security to protect the parents.

He had also engaged in various schemes, generally fraudulent in nature, for the purpose of attaining wealth unjustly. Clients had sued him, the Disciplinary Commission of the Indiana Supreme Court was finally examining him and he was facing additional complaints and suits.

Everywhere he went, every action he took, every person he encountered would be affected by a residual touch of evil. The time came to set this man free.

Collectively some of those who loved him, had been touched by him, and were engaged in an adversarial relationship with him at the time willed to free this demon from his Earthly existence. It didn't take long before this man with no known medical problems and who outwardly certainly appeared healthy simply collapsed and died.

It was through love that he was set free. I convey this anecdote to those who are currently in an adversarial battle be it a divorce, child custody placement or any other matter involving a loved one in hopes that they too can help free the oppressors. Don't deny your love for that person but instead embrace it. Don't seek retribution or a "victory" in the battle.

Acknowledge your love for that person and use that love to bring that person to an acceptable resolution. It is often your negative thoughts that perpetuate the battle. Instead, bring together the parties that are on your side for the battle and through your collective thoughts offer blessings and love to your adversary. If it is the other parent, former spouse or someone whom you once felt a fondness for then concentrate on those behaviours and the person who elicited such fondness. When you truly believe and embrace the concept that it is your love for that person that will bring resolution then you will have victory.

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