Sunday, December 4, 2011

Divorce and Custody Movie Review - Domestic Disturbance

Today I review Domestic Disturbance from my collection of divorce, child custody and child support related movies.

Domestic Disturbance [2001] Written by Lewis Colick, William S Comanor and Gary Drucker; directed by Harold Becker. Starring John Travolta, a boat builder, as the father of a young boy and Vince Vaughn, a wealthy investor, as the soon to be new husband of the boy's mother. Both men maintain an amicable relationship with each other as they explore their roles in the boy's life while being refereed by the mother. Travolta eventually discovers that Vaughn is not what he appears to be and has a past that is being resurrected by a former associate played by Steve Buscemi. The film culminates in a life and death struggle between to two men and the young boy.

This is a well written film that takes a very realistic approach to the roles of parents and subsequent partners following a divorce. The dynamics of the relationship between the characters is thoughtfully explored and the feelings of the boy, from his perspective and that of the adults makes this film worth watching. The film directly confronts the manipulation of the parents by the boy who plays them off each other in a power struggle. Buscemi, one of my favourite actors, gives a stellar performance in the manner that only he can deliver.

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