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Divorce and Custody Movie Review - Cyrus

Today I review Cyrus from my collection of divorce, child custody and child support related movies.

Cyrus [2010] Written and Directed by Jay & Mark Duplass. Starring John C Reilly and Jonas Hill in the roles of a divorced man who becomes the suitor to the mother of the young man who still lives at home with her. Hill embarks upon a subtle campaign of sabotage to keep Reilly from surpassing him in gaining the attention of his mother played by Marisa Tomei.

The film provides a very comedic look at the dynamics of step-parenting and the conflict that often arises between child and the newcomer. Director of Photography, Jas Shelton, invites the viewer to be intimately connected to the film through a documentary style camera.

Reilly has a very positive relationship and frequent interaction with his former wife, who had left him, and her about to be new husband. The film takes on a more somber tone as Hill manipulates himself into attending the wedding with Reilly and Tomei. There Hill physically attacks Reilly saying that Reilly will never come between him and his mom.

Reilly directly confronts denial when he proceeds to tell Tomei to wake-up and see what is going on. He then breaks off the relationship citing the potential for Hill to cause long-term damage. The film culminates with Hill, maintaining his manipulative style, managing to get Reilly and Tomei back together.

This film will resonate with adult children of divorce and those persons who are onto subsequent relationships while having an older child. The presentation of the difficulties and dynamics from the child focused perspective -- while maintaining some levity -- make this a film worth watching. Don't miss two of today's top comedic stars in poignant performances that demonstrate their true acting worth.

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