Saturday, October 24, 2009

Judge Rebecca McClure admits complicity in covering-up child sexual abuse

In July 2006 I first publicly displayed knowledge of a child sex ring operating in Boone County Indiana which involved a Western Boone High School [WEBO] administrator, the Thorntown Police Department, The Indiana United Methodists Children's Home [IUMCH], Boone County Prosecutors and a Judge among others. Thorntown Council President Gary Jones became very agitated upon learning of this. Jones immediately hired Lafayette Indiana attorney Carlyle Gerde, recently deceased, to sue me using taxpayer funds. Although Jones cited other reasons during public meetings [minutes Thorntown Council 20 August 2007] he stated the real reason in court [tr. p.198 06D02-0703-OV-0285].

The existence of the sex ring is well-documented through recordings, witness statements and court records. The WEBO assistant principal, Jerry Taylor, resigned abruptly following the conclusion of the 2004-2005 school year after he was accused of a sexual assault in April of 2005 and admitting to it in a recording made by an assistant of mine. Taylor also alleges that a scheme involved Judge Steve David incarcerating students as "extra punishment". One victim described this as for those who didn't acquiesce to Taylor's desires.

In September 2005 a girl who attended WEBO, age 15, was arrested and taken to the Boone County Jail by Thorntown Police Officer Frank Clark. She was later sent to IUMCH. Upon receiving knowledge that she had sent a letter to me about the incident Boone Circuit Judge Steve David placed a No Contact Order [06C01-0509-JS-0307] on the girl to keep her from providing additional information to me. I then filed a public records request seeking information about the incident at the jail. Boone County deputy prosecutor Bruce Petit asked Judge David for a protective order so the prosecutor's office would not be required to comply with the request. Eventually I sued the prosecutor, Todd Meyer, for the records [06D01-0512-MI-0398] but Judge David dismissed the case to protect Meyer.

In August 2005 in an unrelated felony case Meyer sought to have my subpoena of him and his chief deputy quashed because they alleged their testimony would be embarrassing. The charge was dismissed in January 2007 but I filed a Motion to Reinstate the charge which Judge David denied. So much for the right to a trial by jury.

In November of 2005 David placed a No Contact Order on me to keep me from receiving information from the alleged victim. In February 2006 I was again arrested and this time charged [06C01-0602-CM-0034] with allegedly violating that order. In February 2007 when I confronted prosecutor Meyer in the courthouse and told him I would whip him in court the charge was dismissed that day.

In June 2007 I filed a public records request with the Town of Thorntown seeking complaints against police officers for alleged inappropriate contact or stalking of females in town. Officer Clark had already been ordered in the Spring of 2005 not to patrol in the area near my home where he had been accused by a neighbor of stalking. I had since received additional complaints. Thorntown Town Attorney Carlyle Gerde complained to Judge McClure that he didn't want to be required to comply with the request. McClure then ordered that I was to send public records request for the Town of Thorntown to her for approval. [06D02-0703-OV-0285, 13 June 2007].

Both Thorntown and McClure have been sued for violations of the public access law [06D01-0802-MI-0076] after a favorable ruling for me by the Indiana Public Access Counselor. The matter is set for final hearing in November 2009 after Gerde unsuccessfully argued that the case should be dismissed because I "wouldn't be allowed to sue if the law was the way [Gerde] wanted it."

Caleb Jones, age 20, son of Gary Jones was arrested and charged [06D02-0809-CM-0946] in September 2008 for a knife assault on his mother after she would not let him shower at the same time as a younger sibling which is reported to be his sister who attends WEBO.

In November 2008 Stephanie Rogers, age 36, Anderson, was sentenced to seven years incarceration for sexual misconduct with a girl, age 15, from IUMCH where Rogers worked.

In October 2009 Judge McClure recused from a case involving me in which she said she had learned of information that I published about her which she alleges is untrue. McClure cited that because she learned of the alleged untrue information that she must recuse from the case. In 2008 in a pleading before McClure seeking her recusal I alleged "complicity of the Court in trying to cover-up child sexual abuse" among other allegations of bias and prejudice. McClure did not recuse then establishing that the allegation of her involvement was true.


Indiana Custodial Rights Advocates

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Concerned Taxpayer said...

This should show you how stupid Judge McClure is...

In 1997, while riding through the backwoods of Indiana, a 20 year old Tennessee boy was pulled over by the Boone County Sheriff’s department and arrested for an OWI without bodily injury. Miles away from home, he faced and lost a Jury Trial and was sentenced to 3 years suspended and placed on probation. Upon his release, he returned home rather than living on the streets in Indiana.

Fast forward 3 years and in 2000 the boy was again arrested for DUI in Tennessee and waited extradition to Indiana for his violation of probation warrant. Indiana failed to extradite.

10 years later, in the spring of 2010, he was again arrested for a DUI and served out his time in a Tennessee County jail, upon his release he was extradited to Indiana.

His probation was revoked and he was sentenced to serve out the remainder of his sentence in an Indiana IDOC facility. After serving 14 months and attending 2 IDOC programs, he was paroled on Interstate Compact and was allowed to return to his home state of Tennessee in August 2011.

In the fall of 2011 he was again arrested for a DUI and after serving a year in a Tennessee County jail he was once again extradited to Indiana.

His parole was revoked, October 2013 and was sentenced to the remainder of his 3 year sentence.

To date, the indigent inmate has cost the taxpayers of Indiana, $48,634 for housing, $3400 in pauper based court motions and lawyer fees, $1200 in an appeals case, $1800 in extradition costs, $2100 in IDOC program fees and plans, probation and parole costs, and plans to further incur taxpayers paying for additional filing of further motions both in the State and Supreme Courts.

The now 36 year old inmate, sits in the Putnamville Correctional Facility to wait out his time until he is again released in May 2014.

Does incarceration have any impact on the root cause of his alcohol addiction? Do Indiana taxpayers not mind that this inmate has racked up to date $57,134? For the amount the taxpayers have paid to “punish” this inmate, the citizens of Indiana, not Tennessee, could have used that money to fund 78 after school programs for High Risk students or 28 new playgrounds. To put this in perspective, there are approximately 7 low medium security prisons in Indiana. Over a half of the population are serving out Felony D sentences. Out of 27,000 inmates housed in Indiana Prisons, 15,000 are serving out Felony D sentences. The total cost to house these inmates per year comes to $308,461,500 or 15,423 new school playgrounds or the ability to provide 421,395 high school students with after school programs.

During sentencing of our Tennessee boy, Judge McClure, Boone County Superior Court II stated in transcript during sentencing “I’m not concerned about the taxpayer’s money…”

I ask the citizens of Indiana... are you concerned?