Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can you spare some change for your own organic Web page?

When I use the term Organic Web page I am not speaking of one where you will find fruits and vegetables. Instead, what I am referring to is a site where you own the name and control the content. Sure you can have your own page on a social networking site, and it is good to continue to do that, but if you are a social activist you need to have your own page. You also need to know that it will cost much less and is much easier to do than you may think. Hey mister, gotta dime? If you can spare 10 cents per day then read on.

It is important to have your own page for three very good reasons. First, the site that hosts your page may close down and you will be left without any page to display to the world. Next, you do not control the format of your Web page. Many pages start out with your profile and messages from other people. If you are wanting to spread the word about your cause then your Web page needs to scream that from the top. Finally, ask yourself if you would rather have a free Web page or a page that pays money to you.

We are in difficult economic times. Businesses are cutting back on hours, inventory, employees and advertising. The last is the one that is relevant to your Web page. If you have a free Web page on a social networking or other site look around at it for a moment. Do you see Google ads, banner ads or did you get a pop-up from NetFlix? The reason you get a free Web page is because these advertisers pay for it. What happens to the host of your site when the advertising stops; they stop hosting the site.

If you have a social cause you are promoting and are active in, then you must have a Web site for that. Most of you reading this are involved in some type of activism for changing family court laws. Getting more Web sites out there will help to accomplish this. When you create a site and then link to and have others link to you then both sites get raised in the search results.

You can get your own site for under 10 cents per day. Better yet, you can get paid to have a site. Have you ever clicked on one of those Google ads that appear around the borders of Web pages? The advertisers pay each time someone does that. It may be three cents or it could be a dollar. It all depends upon the popularity of and the relevance of the content on your site. Right now you may be putting content onto a free blog or Web page and those providers are collecting your pennies or dollars.

It is time to get your own Web site. Go to this page and read more about it. Use the search terms provided on those pages and you will get linked to services that, when last tested, provided links to Web page hosting for as little as $1 per month and domain name registration for only $2.

If you have used a word processing program to make a flyer, write a newsletter of design a greeting card then you have done what it takes to design a website. Social networking sites have templates that you can use to add your content. If you've done that then you can build your own Web site. Many providers also offer templates and if you are up to the limited challenge they also offer the tools that were used to make the template.

Once you get your page up and running send a link to me. You will be added to the Indiana Custodial Rights Advocates Web site and then you can add our banner to yours. So, don't delay. Get your own Web site, get it built and let's get working together to bring about much needed change.

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