Friday, October 18, 2013

Indiana Child Support Guidelines to be Amended in 2014

18 October 2013

2015 Indiana Child Support Guidelines
review scheduled for public comment

The Domestic Relations Committee [DRC] of the Indiana Judicial Center met in regular session on Friday 18 October 2013 and began discussion about the mandatory review of the Indiana Child Support Guidelines [ICSG]. By federal statute [42USCA§667 and 45CFR§302.56] the DRC is to review the ICSG every four years. The statutory purpose is to “ensure that their application results in the determination of appropriate child support award amounts.” The regulations state that the “State must consider economic data on the cost of raising children and analyze case data, gathered through sampling or other methods, on the application of, and deviations from, the guidelines.” That is, the committee shall look at current cases in which both the guidelines have been applied and deviated from to see what are the actual costs of raising children.

The review of the ICSG will begin in 2014. Members of the public will be invited to provide both oral and written testimony and suggestions.

New members were welcomed to the committee. These were-
Magistrate Andre Gammage, St. Joseph Circuit Court,
Commissioner Jennifer Newton, Huntington Superior Court,
Commissioner Rita Parsons-Rice, Title IV-D, Elkhart Superior Court,
Mag Brian McClane, Grant Superior Court, and
Judge Mark Loyd, Johnson Circuit Court. Former Chair of the ADR Committee.
Members of the committee are appointed to terms of three years which end in September of the calendar year.

The issues that the committee determined are to be undertaken include redefining the parenting time credit from overnight to an actual expense basis, health care and the Obama Tax, uniformity of child care expense, recalculating prior born child credit, tax effects, and limits on extra-curricular expenses.

The committee has set a deadline of presenting the revised ICSG to the Indiana Supreme Court by July 1, 2014 with a target date of implementation being Wednesday 31 December 2014.

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