Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Indiana House Bill 1229 High School Athletics - Legislation Part 34

One of the most steadfast supporters of children, Representative Phyllis Pond, and one who is quickly demonstrating his commitment, Representative Tim Wesco, have introduced a bill to bring uniformity to the academic requirements of high school athletes.

House Bill 1229 affects the following citations: IC 20-26-14 . The synopsis is as follows:
Participation in school athletics. Requires a student who attends a nonpublic high school that is not a member of an interscholastic athletic association but who participates in high school athletics at a public high school that is a member of an athletic association to: (1) follow applicable code of conduct rules; (2) fulfill certain academic requirements; (3) undergo annual department of education approved academic assessments; and (4) comply with any transfer rules of the association.

Well as long as there are going to be academic requirements for participation they may as well be uniformly applied. With that said I can't pass up the opportunity to express an objection to the academic requirement for high school athletic participation. The primary reason that I object to the established requirements is that they are arbitrary and don't emphasize the important subjects.

The most important subjects in high school are biology, physiology, physics, physical education and health. This is true for the athletes and non-athletes although, incidentally, they are essential subjects for the athlete. Unfortunately academic standards are generally set by over-sized and unfit bureaucrats who are not cognizant of the importance of physical well-being. These are the people who encourage students to consume HFCS and trans fats. Instead they place an emphasis on the fluff courses like English. Thankfully our legislature is appearing more like Pond and Wesco who are both fit and active and don't over consume the fluff that life offers.

Let's face reality. If you have already taken 10 years of a subject two more isn't going to do much. This is evident from observations of those who graduated and even went on to take additional years of study in college. With all of that they are still little more than functionally literate but can't distinguish adjectives from nouns. Taking up a sport would have been more fruitful.

Athletics can be the motivator for a child to seek further academic enlightenment, especially when properly coached. I have known many Olympic and professional athletes and still associate with some. Among all is a common drive to achieve, whether it be in their chosen sport, business or self-fulfillment. Competitors don't need a discipline system based upon dogmatic reward and punishment. Effective coaching and direction is all that is needed. The athlete will do the rest and be better served by it throughout life, even if the corporate world which sponsors the instructional standards suffers from it.

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