Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Indiana Legislature and Governor Pence should show real respect for Officer Carl Koontz and other law enforcement officers

On 20 March 2016 Howard County, Indiana deputy Sheriff Carl Koontz and Sgt. Jordan Buckley were shot while trying to serve arrest and search warrants for possession of a syringe. The visitation for Deputy Koontz will be held today at Northwestern High School in Kokomo from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Indiana Code § 16-42-19-18 provides that “A person may not possess or have under control with intent to violate this chapter a hypodermic syringe or needle or an instrument adapted for the use of a legend drug by injection in a human being.” What this means is that a person may not possess a manufactured medical instrument or produce a medical instrument if that persons' intent is to use the instrument for administering a scheduled drug into a person without being lawfully authorized to do so. In short, this is just part of the scheme to keep people from performing medical procedures on themselves in a deliberate effort to enrich the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

There are some people who in preparation for viral outbreaks, the disabling of the electrical grid by EMP or other origins, or additional threats that may render travel to a medical facility hazardous have medical equipment and supplies on-hand. This is something that the medical and pharmaceutical industries do not like. If the population learns that they have the ability to perform simple medical procedures at home which may cost thousands of dollars at a hospital then the financial impact would be felt by the medical providers.

I have walked the halls of the Indiana State House with these industries' plentiful and high paid lobbyist. These profiteers are ever vigilant in trying to ensure that the U.S. Congress, the Indiana General Assembly and the Indiana Governor restrict the liberties of Indiana residents as much as possible when it comes to medical decisions and practices. Depriving persons of home-based medical options, whether for prescribed practices or those chosen by self, does not come without a cost. This time it has been more than financial.

Governor Pence said,
“Karen and I were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Howard County Sheriff's Deputy Carl Koontz and we extend our deepest condolences and prayers to his family, friends and the law enforcement community of Howard County who grieve the passing of this courageous young officer. Indiana will always honor the memory of Deputy Koontz and will always be grateful for his courageous service. Deputy Koontz lost his life in the line of duty and his passing reminds us all of the courage and risk that every member of our law enforcement community and their families face every day in the defending our communities."

The medical community assaulted Sister Kenny when she tried to relieve the suffering of children who had poliomyelitis by providing a cure rather than ongoing treatment. Midwives have been targeted for their circumvention of hospital "care". Even doctors and nurses who wanted children born prematurely to receive human, touch thereby substantially reducing their time in a hospital and substantially increasing their rate of survival, have been the subjects of censure. The medical industry has a long history of restricting or criminalizing low cost wellness options which produce better outcomes for people.

Their efforts have not abated and are costing police officers their lives. The medical communities’ profiteering scheme has again cost another police officer his life and this time deprived parents of their child, a wife of her husband, a child of a father and the community of an individual who also engaged in legitimate efforts to serve and protect the community.

A genuine expression of grief over the killing of this officer summoned to protect the profits of the medical community would include a statement condemning both the medical industry and the legislators who accepted their contributions and provided a reciprocal financial benefit by enacting these laws.

People who care about the lives of Indiana’s law enforcement officers will immediately call for the repeal of Indiana Code § 16-42-19-18, and other laws which serve no benefit to our general population but instead create a false financial and criminal market which endangers us all. After our elected officials wipe away their crocodile tears they should do the right thing by gutting the Indiana Code of its criminalization of innocuous acts that threaten the financial health of authorized medical providers.

Shame on you members of the Indiana General Assembly and Governor Pence for deliberately creating an imaginary “danger” and causing the death of Officer Carl Koontz. Your financial bartering with the medical industry led to his death. His blood is on your hands.

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