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Amendments for 2016 Indiana Child Support Guidelines open for public comment until 11 August 2015

The public comment period for providing input on the proposed amendments to the Indiana Child Support Guidelines [ICSG] in Tuesday 11 August 2015. I have provided a link to the website as well as some guidance for making comments in the recent posting Providing Public Comment on Proposed 2016 Indiana Child Support Guidelines.

I recently briefly discussed this issue on WIBC 93.1 FM. A link to that interview is available here.

The Domestic Relations Committee [DRC], the judicial body responsible for writing the ICSG, met in regular session on 17 July 2015. At that meeting a folder containing 465 pages of public comment was distributed to the members. Members had been reading comments prior to the meeting. During the meeting revisions were made to the proposed amendments based upon comments received. Members also discussed whether to make some substantive changes based upon the input received from the public.

The majority of the comments related to matters such as the change in the emancipation age or health insurance coverage. Those matters, however, reflect bringing the guidelines into compliance with legislative mandates and are not discretionary on the part of the judiciary which promulgates the ICSG.

While decisions regarding the proposed changes are not based upon popularity it does help the DRC members to know whether an issue raised by members of the public are unique to an individual case or are broadly applicable. For this reason not all comments need provide novel ideas.

The revised ICSG are expected to be adopted by the Indiana Supreme Court by 01 March 2016. Parents should use the Child Support Calculator at that time to determine if a modification is necessary. Indiana Code 31-16-8-1 requires that the amount of support calculated deviate by at least 20% and that no less than one year has elapsed since the last child support payment order was issued or that the circumstances have changed to such a degree that the current order is unreasonable.

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