Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2015 Indiana House Bill 1059 Juvenile Delinquent Acts

House Bill 1059 has been introduced by Representative Washburne. The first section of this bill amends IC 31-37-2-2, the runaway child statute, by including “a specific location previously designated by the child's parent, guardian, or custodian” with “home” the locations which a child is to remain when directed to do so. This status offense will aid some parents in helping to maintain control and supervision of their children.

Parents who have children that are subject to child custody orders have, at times, found themselves with little recourse to compel a child to stay at the non-custodial parent’s home as courts rarely recognize that as the child’s “home.” Parents who are targets of alienation tactics and have children reluctant to participate in parenting time will be able to seek assistance in ensuring that the child stays with him or her while exercising parenting time.

The second section amends IC 35-44.1-2-3 to include false reporting of a crime or making false statements to investigators of a crime a juvenile delinquent act.

The third section of the bill amends IC 35-44.1-2-5 to include harbouring a fugitive as a juvenile delinquent act.

The final section of the bill amends IC 35-45-2-5 to include obstructing aid being provided to a victim of a crime or the reporting of a crime as a juvenile delinquent act.

These final three sections, which collectively embody impeding law enforcements efforts to aid crime victims and apprehend suspects, will give juvenile courts the ability to intercede with some of these children who may be on the edge of slipping into serious criminal activity. Due to the low status level of the offenses children who have cases adjudicated under these statutes would be unlikely to be waived to adult court unless these are part of a multiple offense complaint.

These amendments would aid parents in ensuring that children participate in parenting time and be supervised as parents direct and also provide an opportunity to stifle those children on the periphery of serious crime from becoming directly involved.

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