Monday, May 19, 2014

Engaging in the Unauthorized Practice of Law in Indiana - Part I

On 13 May 2014 G. Michael Witte, Attorney No. 1949-15 filed a Verified Petition to Enjoin the Unauthorized Practice of Law against yours truly. In this series of postings I will present to you some information about Mr. Witte, why Indiana Supreme Court Justice Steven David denied my motion to reinstate a felony charge against myself, what Indiana judge recently said I am smarter than most attorneys, and why attorney Vanessa Lopez Aguilera complained. More significantly though I will demonstrate how Mr. Witte and his ilk are attempting to harm children and deprive parents of opportunities to amicable and efficiently resolve their child custody disputes consistent with the policies of the State of Indiana.

Although not specifically charged with doing so I provided legal advice to my son. Therin will be attending Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana beginning the Fall semester of 2014. His objective is to become an entertainment contract attorney. I recently spoke to him about his upcoming college experience, as we often do, and his high school graduation. Particularly I broached the matter of parties and alcohol consumption. I specifically advised him to not consume alcohol until he is age 21 and more generally to not be in attendance at parties where alcohol is being openly served to or consumed by minors as this could cause legal problems for him. A resilient factor after an immediate legal proceedings that may be disposed of in his favour is that admittance to the practice of law in Indiana is subject to a “moral” component. That investigation is not limited solely to convictions but may include circumstances surrounding a case disposed of in his favour. I know, you've got to be thinking if alcohol offenses were a bar to being a lawyer . . .

Yes I “provided legal advice” to my son. In his complaint against me Mr. Witte alleges that I “provided legal advice and services to Indiana residents” but, ha ha, my son won't be an Indiana resident until July 2014!

So hold on. It is going to be a fun ride filled with documents, audio recordings and plenty of refuted unfounded allegations by Mr. Witte.

Upcoming segments in this series will include
II - The Court Rules
III - A Preliminary Statement
IV - The Factual Allegations: ACLU Ken Falk
V - The Factual Allegations: Jennifer Bonesteel
VI - The Factual Allegations: Angela Sims
VII - The Factual Allegations: Advertising
VIII - The Factual Allegations: Suppositions
IX - Interview with the Complainant: Attorney Vanessa Lopez Aguilera
X - Who has Recommended My Services and what I Recommend
XI - The Charges
XII - The Response Filed

If you would like to contribute any information about this matter or participate in the Response then please contact me.

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