Sunday, September 29, 2013

Are Wal-Mart Employees the New Police or Potential Thieves?

29 September 2013

I have never been a fan of Wal-Mart. The activities of their employees today only strengthens that resolve. Their past illegal consumer trade activities and other moral transgressions should prevent anyone with good character from visiting and patronizing them. Now, anyone who values their possessions and privacy should be equally as leery of this corporation.

One of those people who I've befriended but whose moral standards don't quite reach my bar conveyed an observation made while patronizing the local Wal-Mart today. The story is that a couple brings their car to the service center at the Lebanon, Indiana Wal-Mart to have the oil changed. An employee while rifling through their vehicle finds a roach clip in the ashtray. The assistant manager reports this to the Lebanon Police Department. Lt. Brent Wheat and two other officers respond and begin an investigation which ultimately results in a citation being issued to the couple for possession.

Having once owned an auto repair garage I am quite familiar with most vehicles and where the hood release, which needs to be activated for an oil-change, is generally located. I have never found it necessary to be in a vehicle going through compartments like the ashtray to complete an oil change. Some people keep coins and other small valuables in their ash trays, cup holders or other compartments around the dashboard area.

Whether Wal-Mart's employees are now acting as a private police force searching vehicles that are brought in for service or just rifling through the vehicles for valuables should be of no concern. Either is an affront to their patrons and an unethical business practice. But for a business that already engages in illegal and immoral activities no one should be surprised by this action.

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