Friday, March 15, 2013

Incoherent Ramblings, Indiana Child Custody Law and Effective Use of Language

It's a Thursday evening, the movie Stay Cool plays in the background, I have just finished assembling and signing a report for the Domestic Relations Committee and I sit on the floor staring at the food I have brought back from the kitchen after I wondered in the room after leaving the bedroom for some reason. I could restart the movie and actually watch it. Many of my 1900 movies, including some that I have played 10 times, I have yet to watch. I usually just listen to the stories while I am engaged in research or writing. That has been my primary undertaking for about 20 of the past 30 hours. That exhaustive stretch of mental exercise began as soon as I returned home from participating in an advocacy education course – “It's not WHAT you say . . . It's HOW you say it”. Now I am in a mental stupor but not quite physically exhausted enough for sleep. Sleeping prior to 10 pm means I'll just awaken for the day around 4:00 am and be ready for a nap at about the time I need to present materials to the DRC. Stay Cool is about a writer who graduated in 1988 and has returned to his high school to give the graduation speech. It appears that he is attending classes for some reason. The story follows the progression of the reading of his book. Seems to be incoherent ramblings but I wasn't paying much attention anyway. It's one of those movies that if you take it in fully then you are likely to feel your brain cells dying. But, being a 1987 graduate I figured I may as well buy it. Next in line on the hit parade of brain debilitating flicks is Super. This looks like one that will certainly drain the brain cells or at least cause me to pass out. I'll be riding to downtown Indy in the morning for the DRC meeting being held at the Indiana Judicial Center. My report – Court Imposed Mediation in Indiana Child Custody Cases: Practices and Proposals – is intended to stimulate the Indiana Supreme Court to adopt a rule requiring all parents in child custody cases to participate in mediation prior to appearing in court. I trust that how I said it will be effective in ensuring proper consideration. I'll post that somewhere sometime. It's about time to start Super. Ellen Page is in it. She played Juno. That flick rocked. I was thinking about Cynthia Booth, Executive Director of Child Advocates, Inc., attending the status conference on 05 February. I wonder if she will be back on 05 April and if Cindy Dean is still going to be acting as Del Anderson's attorney. What a pair, a GAL who lies to the court being represented by an attorney who also lies and tries to get a parent to violate the court's custody order. That should be the subject of another proposal. Some type of oversight of custody evaluators and GAL's needs to be implemented. I don't recall any part of the communication course addressing the issue of lying. I should suggest that for a future presentation and then sign up Del Anderson and Cynthia Dean. After the 05 April hearing I'll start on an oversight proposal. A movie to watch is Anne of Green Gables. Fantastic cinematography. I am off to cook this food and then watch Super. Oh who am I kidding, I am going to fill my belly and then fall asleep.

I did stay awake to the point where one of the characters said “I don't want nothing missing” and another character corrects him by asking “So, you want something missing?” and mentions that he just used a double negative. This flick may be a keeper. Tim Curry in Clue was great as he did a lot of similar things. It was Michael Rooker who said “I don't want nothing missing”. Rooker played Henry Lee Lucas in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. He was in Kevin Smith's Clerks also. So have you ever played the Kevin Bacon game? It's easy now that his filmography is so extensive. He has a role in Super also. He plays a drug dealer. The guy that was the killer in Body Double featuring Melanie Griffith. Frankie Goes to Hollywood did a cameo playing Relax. Okay I am done.

Therin arrives this weekend for his spring break week and we have a full schedule lined up. I likely won't be posting anything until he is gone.

Oh we are psychic. I closed this after typing about him arriving and I receive a text from him as I stand up.

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