Friday, December 28, 2012

The paradox of time - or - slip and fall on the ice

Central Indiana just got blasted by a rather substantial snowfall a few days following a much less significant blanketing of the powdery stuff. In that first round of precipitation it came while the temperature was passing over the freezing mark into a sub-zero night followed by a morning that brought sunshine and an ascension to thawing temperatures. This produced the glistening sheen of water across the solidly frozen base of ice which reduced the viscosity for the ideal slip and fall conditions.

My brisk walking pace – about four miles per hour – sets the stage for a nearly guaranteed calamity as the long stride and greater force exerted through my angular momentum produces loss of traction on numerous occasions. But as I slipped and slid along the sidewalks and streets of Lebanon I never did fall. One leg extends to waist height, an arm goes another direction and the shoe in contact with the ice carries me along like I'm performing a haphazard ice skating maneuver. All occurring instantaneously and without conscious thought. Yet unlike many others, I do not fall. This is not limited to my ballet on ice either. Standing on the top platform of step ladders, walking roof lines or maneuvering my way through other precarious perches is done so with ease and without fear or falling.

For all of my Life Coaching partners I insist on yoga being part of their daily routine. Often I receive pushback citing a lack of time to devote to such a daily regimen. Yet, therein lies the paradox of investing – on its face it appears to be an expense. In this case the loss of time.

However, with my extremely busy, yet relaxed, schedule I do not have the time to not do my daily yoga, meditation and exercise routines all of which I invest no less than two hours. I cannot afford to pay others to perform the tasks that I may fear doing myself if I didn't have my balance. I do not have the extra money to pay for sick care insurance premiums in case I get injured. I don't have the spare time for medical procedures or to be laid up with a broken bone, sprain or other injury from a fall.

In short, I cannot afford either in the time expended to earn money nor the direct time dedicated to caring for the adverse effects of a slip and fall. As we progress through this current winter season it would be wise to invest in bringing greater balance to your life. That is unless you are so wealthy and blessed with boundless free time that you don't need to.

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