Friday, July 6, 2012

Triple digit heat NOT HOT ENOUGH for Hoosiers demanding more

As the thermometer soars over 100 degrees again and all-time high temperature records fall, unsatisfied Hoosiers demand yet higher temps. To hear the cries of most people the Summer 2012 heat wave and drought is a bane to their existence. While I thoroughly enjoy these comfortable temperatures, most do not. Yet my travel by bicycle at 99 degrees to my Indianapolis destination 25 miles later and three degrees higher is countered by others who drive automobiles.

It's the use of the combustion engine for transportation that led my mind to explore the concept that while outwardly complaining about the temperature most people are actively participating in a coordinated action to raise the temperatures. After all, the combustion engine operates through use of a series of rapid small fires. Fire is heat. While on a bicycle this is easily observed through the feeling of raised temperatures when amongst the sea of vehicles waiting at a traffic control device. Viewing the long lines of running vehicles at drive-thru registers at various retail establishments it is easy to substantiate the claim that people are intentionally acting in manners raising the ambient temperature. This direct effect may be only on small portion of the increase in temperatures. Some scientists have suggested that automobile emissions lead to the "greenhouse effect" -- a phenomena where the gases produced by automobiles trap reflected light [heat] of the Sun in the Earth's atmosphere thereby raising the atmospheric temperature, just as the glass of a greenhouse does.

That is just the beginning of the heat elevation effort though. Not mine but many homes use electric powered air conditioning units for cooling. Some people think air conditioning units produce cool air but the reality is they produce net heat through transforming electricity into motion -- the rotation of a compressor which is cooled with a fan, another moving part. In Indiana nearly all of our electricity is obtained through the burning of fossil fuels, primarily coal. Again, another heat source.

The other ancillary heat production sources are seemingly limitless. These include things like the delivery of water to grocery stores by trucks using combustion engines rather than the more efficient and cleaner water delivery done through public utility pipes. Although I had used no engines in my yard maintenance this year many people do use them and for such simple things as cleaning off walkways with a gas-powered blower rather than a broom. There are equal amounts of small efforts that can be done to reduce heat production. Compact florescent light bulbs produce little heat and use less electricity -- heat. Longer term heat reduction strategies include the planting of trees around particular faces of homes.

So next time you hear someone complaining of the heat take an in-depth view of the person whining and his or her lifestyle. Is he or she a hypocrite increasing heat production and then complaining about?

Often these deliberate efforts that are undertaken which produce additional heat during the hottest days of the year are an unintentional consequence. But such is what dictates the outcomes of life for most people -- unintentional consequences. This is true for finances, employment, relationships, health & fitness, learning and, of course, child custody matters.

In the reality of the world motive is inconsequential. I always profess that what it is it is.

As with anything else in life people are where they have put themselves -- today it is in the heat. Except for me. I am enjoying the day, sitting in my cool home that doesn't use air-conditioning while confident in the knowledge that if I chose to complain about my circumstances I can only do so knowing that I put myself in this situation.

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