Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Public Comments on 2012 Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines [IPTG] Under Review

The Domestic Relations Committee [DRC] and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee [ADR] of the Indiana Judicial Center met in joint session on Friday 30 March 2012 to begin reviewing the public comments submitted on the proposed IPTG revisions. The day was spent reviewing the Parenting Time Coordination portion which has been integrated into the IPTG. Future sessions will include review of comments pertaining to specific portions of the IPTG.

The final version of the proposed IPTG must be submitted to the Indiana Supreme Court by 01 July 2012. It is anticipated that the amended IPTG will go into effect at the end of September 2012.

The deadline for submission of public comments was 26 March 2012. If you have comments that you would like to have considered but did not get submitted by the deadline please send those to me. I cannot guarantee that your comments will get considered by the DRC but I will attempt to ensure that your concerns are made known.

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More information about child custody rights and procedures may be found on the Indiana Custodial Rights Advocates website.

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119US ARMY said...
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119US ARMY said...

I am a non custodial parent who is in the military and lives out of state, my daughter is in Indiana. Our visitation order states that we are to follow the guidelines that pertain to parents that live where distance is a factor. So, according to the guidelines I see my daughter 3 times a year (Spring break, 7 weeks a summer and one week during Christmas break). I hate that I have to go 5 months between summer and Christmas to see her and dont think its healthy for her. Last Christmas her mother denied my Christmas visitation (no good reason) so I had to go 9 months without seeing her (contempt was filed but she just got a slap on the wrist). If one visitation is missed I have to go half a year without seeing her since I only get 3 chances a year. If I would have known about the provisions I would have suggested that fall break (4 days during October) be added to the visitation of parents who live at a distance. That way I wouldnt have to go 5 months between summer and Christmas to see her. I wish her mother and I could talk in a civil manner but it has come down to control and the only way I can see my daughter is if the mother is court ordered to let me.