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Divorce and Custody Movie Review - Marriage on the Rocks

Today I review Marriage on the Rocks from my collection of divorce, child custody and child support related movies.

Marriage on the Rocks [1965] - Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are together again and joined by Deborah Kerr in this off-beat whimsical relationship comedy directed by Jack Donohue.

Kerr, who is bored in her 19 year marriage to Sinatra, wants divorced. She seeks counsel in a local attorney who cautions against it and advises that 'boredom' is not grounds for divorce. Yes, there was a time when cause had to be shown to break the commitment made upon marriage. But, that was before fellow actor Ronald Reagan came along and pushed for no-fault divorce so the family structure could more easily be dissolved.

The plot takes the couple to Mexico for a second honeymoon along with bachelor friend Dean Martin. The couple encounter the quickie marriage/divorce lawyer played by Cesar Romero and the high-jinx start. Kerr and Martin accidentally end up married but before they can get a divorce she takes advantage to play some games on her husband.

There are some moments in the film that, although portrayed in a humourous light, provide some apt lessons for divorced parents that still seem to be a problem nearly 50 years later. In one scene an adolescent boy tells a friend how he plays one parent against the other to acquire material items from each.

Martin and Sinatra demonstrate that likeable connection and when joined by one of my favourites from that era, Kerr, you just want to keep your eyes fixed on the screen. A fun film that can't be taken too seriously but provides some good comic relief, especially for those currently going through a divorce.

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