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Divorce and Custody Movie Review - Fine Things

Today I review Fine Things from my collection of divorce, child custody and child support related movies.

Fine Things [1990] Based upon Danielle Steel's novel "Fine Things"; directed by Tom Moore. A single mother of a young girl tells her that her father had died rather than have the girl know the truth and confront the self-blame that children generally assess from the split. As they go about their regular routines they become separated in a department store where they are assisted by the manager and a relationship soon blossoms. They marry and have a child of their own. The mother's former husband comes back on the scene and a battle for custody ensues. Before the custody matter is settled the mother is fatally stricken by cancer.

This is a low budget production and naturally suffers from some of the common issues faced by such pictures. The strength of the story carries it through as the characters are well developed through realistic situations. It takes a special director to bring out a natural performance in a child and although some of the scenes involving the little girl are stilted a believable performance, largely based upon the dialogue, is still produced.

The divorce, subsequent marriage and custody related issues are address but remain as a backdrop for the most part until the actual custody battle portion of the film takes center stage. The legal issues surrounding custody are dispensed with quickly in a realistic but orderly fashion that does not bog-down the movie as a courtroom flick. Steel has obviously done some research to give a realistic depiction of the custody issues.

Ultimately the man gets together with the local doctor and after the father gets arrested on federal drug charges, while the custody hearing is proceeding, the man adopts the little girl. Everything turns out just peachy and the film concludes in a cacophony of uplifting music, a picturesque backdrop and the entire family brimming with joy. So much so that I nearly puked.

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