Friday, July 29, 2011

My 250th Posting – I may get outlawed in 2012

I have now posted 249 previous musings about child custody issues and other matters. I was trying to think of something significant to entertain you with for this milestone as my day was concluding and I began my bicycle ride to Lebanon. There were quite a few issues that came to mind as my journey homeward took me North from downtown Indy.

As I waited for the westbound turn arrow at 73rd and Meridian street the sweat poured off my body in the near 100 degree heat. Still it was an enjoyable ride and with the Tour de France under way at the time I did get some sort of satisfaction just from riding. The turn arrow came on, I proceed and apparently so did the young gal in the northbound lane next to me. As I motioned towards her red light and other cars honked at her she never let her eyes stray from looking at me.

So then it struck me. Whatever it was about me or I was doing was distracting her. I have been rightfully indignant about the recently enacted texting and driving law which I wrote about here. One of the points I made is that the paramount concern should not be with isolating one particular distraction but, instead, seeking ways to ensure that drivers are cognizant of the gravity of the responsibility of operating a motor vehicle.

Clearly this young lady was more focused on me than the red light that hung above her lane commanding her to wait. Fortunately, the other drivers in the opposing lane were more attentive to her than their green light and thus avoided a collision.

So while I can, I plan to keep riding my bicycle about the roadways. If past performance is any indication of future action though, I expect by this time next year that I may be relegated to the position of driver after being outlawed for being a distraction to drivers.

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