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Parents spending $100's for chance to win Millions in child death gambling game

As a parent you have a moral and legal obligation to provide for and protect your children. You are their keeper, their guardian. But now, many parents are paying significant amounts of money to risk their children's lives in a newer gambling game with little opportunity for return.

We have all heard of the parents who dose their children with high alcohol content "cough syrup" to calm them or get them to go to sleep. We know of Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign that encouraged children to not take drugs. Ironically this is a person who, according to her daughter, was addicted to tranquilizers and other prescribed drugs.

In the 1990's Amphetamine became a widely prescribed drug to chemically lobotomize children who were deemed to be disruptive, uncontrollable, restless or otherwise exhibiting undesired behaviours. Along with Cocaine and heroin, methamphetamine under the name Desoxyn and amphetamine are also available by prescription. Desoxyn and Ritalin are used to treat a rare childhood condition known as ADHD. Sudden death has been quite common among users of methamphetamine and amphetamine.

We know of the gamble that many parents took with their children's lives which had the potential to return millions of dollars in payouts to a few. Some felt it was worth it for them but it clearly wasn't worth it for the children. This form of gambling should be immediately outlawed but unfortunately it won't be. There are too many people contributing to the fund from which these winnings are paid and the house [Big Pharma] spends millions of dollars each year lobbying to keep this form of gambling legal.

It is also very concerning that children of divorced parents, who live in a single parent maternal headed household in 80% of cases, were twice as likely to be participants in this game. In one instance a judge in Indiana took visitation away from a father based in part because the father "had threatened not to give [the child] her prescribed medications for her ADHD." What is more troubling is that even in the face of more tort reform and health-care [sick-care] reform designed to protect Big Pharma parents are now endangering their daughters in a new high stakes gambling game that appears to pay-out even less.

Giant pharmaceutical company Merck introduced Gardasil as a purported treatment for the Human palpominovirus [HPV] which is a sexually transmitted virus which is usually cured through the natural process in about two years with no side effects. Those with prior infections are left with a natural immunity to the virus. As with all vaccines only variant strains of a virus are allowed to gestate, grown and be passed on such as the Swine Flu which is readily passed by carriers who have received flu vaccinations. Likewise, Gardasil is only reported to protect against a few on the many HPV strains. This will result in only the vaccine resistant strains being passed along to girls who have received the Gardasil shots and feel that Pap tests are unnecessary. This will likely lead to a much higher rate of cervical cancers a generation or two from now.

So, what side effects can be expected from the latest child victim gambling crazy.

Pain, swelling, redness, or itching where the shot was given;
Mild fever;
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach;
Dizziness, tired feeling;
Runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, cough;
Joint or muscle pain;
Spontaneous abortion; or
Merck cautions that "this is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur."

The rare side effects of HPV for those not using Gardasil or having Pap tests done is
Cervical cancer

The side effects of HPV for those not using Gardasil but having regular Pap tests done is
Early detection of cervical cancer

Merck is recommending that all pre-adolescent girls receive the vaccine. The company has lobbied heavily to doctors and schools to encourage parents to spend the high dollar cost for the actual vaccine. Merck has not been as forthcoming with promoting awareness of the dangerous and deadly side-effects. The vaccine has not been evaluated for the potential to cause cancer or be toxic to the genes. Other side effects include brain seizures, lupus, stroke, and chronic pain. Merck has been successful in getting the US Government to mandate that non US citizens pay for and be part of continue experiments using Gardasil, spending $6.6 million to lobby the US Congress. The Homeland Security’s US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) became the first government agency to mandate the use of Gardasil. All female immigrants’ ages 11 to 26 years old are to be vaccinated against HPV using one injection of Gardasil instead of the clinically recommended three. The 233,000 females ages 11 to 26 who took part in this experiment paid about a combined $52 million for one dose each. That is a very good return on Merk's $6.6 million investment.

I could say that, just as with playing the previous high stakes games like Russian Roulette, Prozac and Ritalin, those who choose to play Gardasil may be doing so with their lives and are entitled to do so at their own risk. Unfortunately, the Big Pharma companies have been creating gambling crazes that are now almost entirely dependent upon using those who can't legally object to being their victims. This has made the risk much more acceptable to those playing and much greater for the childhood victims.

In 2008, the global sales from Gardasil topped $2 billion dollars. Next in Merk's cross-hairs - pre-adolescent boys.

Stuart Showalter

Indiana Custodial Rights Advocates

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Liz said...

Excellent article! I denounce almost every drug on the current market every chance I get, with the exception of most antibiotics. It's amazing what parents will allow for their children today, especially the Gardisil. I'm also very against the chicken pox vaccine and refused it for both of my children. We were told that eventually (this was about two years ago)that it would eventually be mandatory for school. I haven't heard of such, but would be curious to know the status on that subject.