Sunday, January 11, 2009

Battered Mothers Custody Conference

ALBANY, N.Y. -- A group of 30 legal experts and activist have assembled for the sixth Battered Mothers Custody Conference. They say the significance of domestic violence is often overlooked by family courts, lawyers and court-related services. However, those who are on the receiving end of life long protective order barring them from having contact with their children along with those who have lost homes, jobs and their freedom based upon false allegations know a different story.

Battered Mother's Custody Conference Chairwoman Dr. Mo Hannah said, "We're seeing actually, believe it or not, an increase in the number of mothers who are coming out and reporting these kinds of problems with their child custody cases."

Another explanation for the increase could be that, as the reality of false domestic violence allegations as a trial strategy is revealed, courts are becoming reluctant to impose penalties without due process as has been the past, or more likely, current procedure.

Once again those who are involved in this cash cow industry fail to acknowledge the truth of Domestic Violence. That is, women actually commit more acts of DV. Organizations such as RADAR are helping to spread the truth. However, it is up to every individual to speak the truth and protect all people from DV regardless of gender. In just a few days there will be a man one step away from the Presidency of the United States who is openly anti-family and will use these DV statistics to continue to destroy families.

I have previously testified about this issue at the Indiana Statehouse. I was the victim of DV for years but never reported it. I was then the victim of false allegations of DV.

It is only awareness and statistics that are going to change this tool that is used to destroy the lives of children by removing a loving, caring, supportive parent from the household. As parents we must teach our children to report acts of DV. I see this on a regular basis around our schools. A boy says something a girl doesn't like and she hits him but rarely is it the other way around. This is done openly and without repercussion. With the proliferation of cell phones any student could easily call 9-1-1 to report the incident. We must teach our children that it is the responsible thing to do.

As victims we need to not sit by quietly. If you are the victim of DV then report it. Don't do like I did and just take the beatings because you are a man. It was only when she pointed a gun at my toddler son and threatened to kill him that I finally took action. But, because I had never reported the incidents, because she made false allegations and because police statistics say women don't batter men, that she got full custody of our child.

There is no shame in reporting that you have been a victim of DV. There is nothing not cool about calling the police when you see another student being hit by his girlfriend. In the larger picture by not doing this you are advocating for the abuse of children through the use of false allegations that are believed because statistics support them.

Another thing we all can do is to provide information to the police, social service agencies and schools in our communities. RADAR has significant amounts of media material for distribution. Please check their website.

Please view the video clip of Capitol News' interview of Dr Mo Hannah.

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