Sunday, November 9, 2008

FBI assistance sought in arson fire

FBI assistance sought in arson fire
The saga over Stuart Showalter’s attempt to hold public officials involved in a child sex ring accountable has taken a dramatic turn with a fire set on Showalter‘s property shortly after town officials were sued.
Showalter first brought the sex ring to public attention with a sign in the window of his home, which Thorntown Town Council President Gary Jones* (326 S Vine, Thorntown) had the town sue him over. After a one and a half day trial Superior Court II Judge Rebecca McClure (1210 N East St, Lebanon) ruled that Showalter had no constitutional right to display signs in the windows of his home and assessed nearly $25,000 in penalties.
Showalter later revealed audio tapes by a school official admitting to a sexual battery and describing how Judge Steve David (1740 N US 421, Whitestown) played a role in his pressuring children. Judge David has also assessed nearly $4,000 in penalties against Showalter for filing a public records request with the prosecutor Todd Meyer (104 Ulen Dr, Lebanon) seeking records of his involvement with a girl, aged 15 years, while at the Boone County Jail.
Showalter had statements from young girls who were in detention at the United Methodists Children’s Home in Lebanon. One, who has alleged she was sexually violated said she was specifically told by a counselor to not have contact with Stuart Showalter. Judge David placed a No Contact Order on another girl housed there barring her from contacting Showalter. On October 13 of this year Stephanie M. Rogers of Anderson, a former UMCH employee, pleaded guilty in Madison Superior Court I to a Class B felony of sexual misconduct for having sex with a child from the UMCH.
Showalter has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court against over a dozen public officials in the Thorntown area. Judge Sarah Evans Barker recently ordered that process of the Complaint and Summons be made upon the defendants. Late in the evening on Sunday November 2 the fire was set on Showalter’s property but quickly extinguished by the Thorntown Fire Department. Since evidence in the federal lawsuit was set on fire the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been contact to aid in the investigation.

*Recently Gary Jones’ son, Caleb, was arrested at his home over an altercation involving a knife about an apparent sibling incest incident. The police report may be viewed here-

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