Sunday, September 14, 2008

BCCA Testimony to Indiana Supreme Court - 18 July 2008

On July 18, 2008 the Domestic Relations Committee of the Indiana Supreme Court heard testimony as part of their mandate to review and adjust the Indiana Child Support Payment Guidelines every four years.

Individuals and representatives of organizations from around the state were each given about five minutes to present their views. There was virtually unanimous consent among the speakers on a variety of topics. That the guidelines place an amount to pay that cannot be met. That judges are using the calculator without examining the particular circumstances of the individuals that make the presumptive amount unreasonable. That incarcerating someone who can't pay does nothing to help that person pay. Also, that support should serve to benefit the children.

Robert Monday of the Children's Rights Council spoke of the need to ensure that children are being supported. The testimony of Stuart Showalter may be read here []

Use this link to view the proceedings:

Here is the time-line of the proceedings:
11:05 Hearing begins with introduction by Judge William C Fee.
12:20 Committee members introduce themselves.
14:30 Robert Monday - Children's Rights Council.
23:00 Donald Beatty - Parent.
27:55 Donna Lynn Frazier - Parent.
32:20 Stuart Showalter - Boone County Child Advocates
39:20 Tom Frohman, attorney - Indiana Legal Services
1:00:30 Gregg Keesling - Workforce, Inc.
1:14:00 Melissa Avery, attorney
1:18:10 Cheryl - Commissioner Indianapolis Paternity Court
1:21:05 Closing statements - Judge William C Fee

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