Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Indiana House Bill 1007 Domestic Violence Funding Authorization

HB 1007 has been introduced by Representatives Kirchhofer and Olthoff. The first section of this bill amends IC 5-2-6.7-10 by adding “The division may not establish a maximum amount that a grantee or contractor may receive under this chapter.” The division is the Criminal Justice Institute which administers the funding authorized for Domestic Violence prevention and treatment as established by IC 5-2-6.7-4. This section would eliminate a cap on the amount of funding that can be paid to any particular service provider.

The final section of this bill amends IC 5-2-6.7-10 by authorizing funding of the Domestic Violence prevention and treatment fund in the amount of five million dollars ($5,000,000) for state fiscal year 2015-2016 and five million dollars ($5,000,000) for state fiscal year 2016-2017.

The likelihood of this bill passing is about 100% because of the false dichotomy that if you do not support this type of bill then you support Domestic Violence. Contrarily though it is by financially supporting the private Domestic Violence enterprises for services rather than efficacy which actually promotes Domestic Violence. This is seen through the nexus of causation and motivation. Imagine that one of these Domestic Violence providers was so successful that DV was completely elimated. What would happen to that $5M? Exactly the same thing that would happen if Child Protective Services prevented child abuse and protected children. The funding and jobs would also disappear. But the rate of child abuse and neglect is 600% higher than in 1970 while at the same time inflation adjusted funding has increased by about the same amount.

It is not only CPS but numerous other agencies, schools, medical procedures, psychological treatments, institutional programs, or private businesses that have demonstrated direct correlations between funding and the rate of need appreciation. That is, if the money is available then those who stand to benefit from it will ensure that the need is perpetuated so long as funding is available. You have likely seen in a movie or television program the amusing retort by a doctor to the request of a patient for an estimate of when he will be cured -- when your insurance runs out!

The service providers who are on the receiving end of this five million dollars should be vetted to ensure that they are actually seeking to reduce acts of Domestic Violence. The dubiously named Indiana Coalition to Prevent Domestic Violence has only given token recognition to the reality that women and men are nearly equal aggressors in Domestic Violence incidents. The natural result of essentially denying service or recognition to half of the targets of DV is to ensure that it continues. Therefore a logical way to reduce acts of Domestic Violence would be to reduce the funding to service providers or tie funding to performance much the way that school teacher compensation is being tied to student performance. That is not a principle that I disagree with but only the methodology. That discourse is for another posting though.

As written I cannot support HB1007 because of my desire to see Domestic Violence eliminated rather than perpetuated for dollars.

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