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County Prosecutor Disciplined by the Indiana Supreme Court for Drunk Driving is a Candidate for Judge of an Indiana Superior Court

02 May 2014 UPDATE: Jim Holden does not have a criminal record that I could find.

28 April 2014

Being a cyclist and advisor on the well-being of children I have no tolerance for the terrorist element known as “drunk drivers,” people who randomly target the general population for their deadly assaults. Over the weekend I was provided with some documents that demonstrate that a current judicial candidate has a drunk driving offense conviction. Typically I like to expose the positive attributes of candidates, for 'mud-slinging' debases the legitimacy of the election process. I have no personal ax to grind with the candidate here but feel so strongly about this issue that I am compelled to put it forth.

Certainly we can accept that people can make a mistake in judgment. I have no doubt been one who has done so. However, my mistakes in judgment, while injuring myself, have not harmed others. I even have a felony conviction back from around the same time. Mine however was a technical violation of the US treasury code. I didn't injure multiple people as Bruce Petit did.

I take exception to the leniency by which drunk drivers are treated simply because they are making a financial contributing to the automotive market. My ire is raised so much so that I once wrote cogent argument about why drunk driving should be a death penalty offense.

Drunk drivers thrive on the rush of narrowly escaping a deadly collision that may put the lives of the public in danger. That is nothing more than a game of Russian Roulette with you and your children being involuntary participants. This poor judgment exhibited in a motor vehicle demonstrates a clear need to keep these despicable people from ever being placed in the position of having control over the well-being of a child or the outcome of those guilty of drunk driving. I am concerned that a judge who has been convicted of drunk driving with little consequence doesn't view the offense as a crime and will be lenient on these dangerous offenders. In the alternative if he is harsh on offenders then he is a hypocrite. Either way it would be irresponsible of voters to put this type of person into the role of superior court judge.

To say that I am upset that Boone County Deputy Prosecutor Bruce Petit – the chief juvenile prosecutor – now wants to be put in the position of having authority over solomon like child custody decisions is putting it lightly. As part of my 2014 candidate interviews, I twice asked Bruce Petit to contact me for an interview about his candidacy. These occurred prior to posting my interview of his competitor Jim Holden. But Petit never contacted me to let you know his responses to the same questions I ask of all candidates.

These documents detailing Bruce Petit's drunk driving offense for which he was caught [We can't know about all the times, if any, that he wasn't caught. Apologists use the refrain it only happened once. He got caught once when he was involved in a collision that he caused which injured other people. Are we truly to believe that law enforcement catches all offenders 100% of the time?] are public record. Yet, no one at our local newspaper – the Lebanon Reporter – apparently managed to find these documents. That is unless they found them but didn't want to share with the public. We shall know the answer to that soon because within a day of me posting this it will get to the newspaper. If the Lebanon Reporter has the integrity to accurately report the criminal offenses of who Boone County Prosecutor Todd Meyer employs as his deputy prosecutors, the newspaper will answer that soon by whether there is a relevant headline.

Now I am going to call Jim Holden and ask for his criminal history then call one of my judicial friends and ask for a criminal history report on him. I will keep you updated.

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